Use of low-carbon wood, to go green route

Jun 9th 2015 at 8:44 PM

Low carbon green wood, take the green line, why use low-carbon green wood can go green route? Because low-carbon green wood production process and the product itself has green benefits. composite vs wood ft pricing

First, low-carbon green wood material science features and low-carbon green wood ecological functions gives the low-carbon green green wood multilayered meanings: green wood from natural, non-toxic and harmless itself. Although the need to use green wood products have a certain formaldehyde content of the adhesive in the production process, but with a small amount of glue, the existing production and processing technology, has been fully able to ensure that the amount of volatile formaldehyde can be controlled without affecting any biological healthy range or less. The production process of many products to be the direct discharge of toxic and hazardous substances and carbon dioxide, air or soil pollution, or consume large amounts of energy, and indirectly increase the toxic and hazardous substances and carbon dioxide emissions, destruction of Earth's ecology and environmental protection. Production and processing of low-carbon green wood products, is pure planing, cutting, sand and other physical process, does not produce chemical reactions, does not emit toxic and hazardous substances, and less power consumption, production and processing of the process does not produce environmental and ecological any damage. composite decking dealers

Low-carbon green wood has a strong ecological functions, development and utilization of low-carbon green wood products, for the majority of consumers tremendous benefits, promote low-carbon green wood area expansion and yield increases, thereby promoting strong ecological functions, both the development and utilization of bamboo resources for the benefit of mankind, and soil and water conservation, climate regulation, to maintain the natural ecological virtuous circle. Many products use time is short, while the use of waste stored at the time of nature is its use of time several times, several times, or even a hundred times, modern industrial production capacity considerably in the past tens of thousands of human society capacity times, not free to degradation of industrial waste continues to pile up in the earth, causing secondary pollution, if not improved, will eventually make humanity beautiful home no longer exists. Low-carbon green products from natural wood, can quickly degrade freely under natural conditions, no secondary pollution. Wood product substitution to low-carbon green plastic products, ceramic products, glass fiber products, to avoid secondary pollution have environmental value is very important. Thus, the use of low-carbon green wood, take the green line. build a deck plans

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