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Use Affiliate Marketing To Create An At-Home Income

Feb 25th 2011 at 9:25 AM

Affiliate marketing is a large part of marketing on the Internet. It is a relationship to produce sales formed between the merchant or developer of a product and users of that product. Affiliate marketing, for several years now, has demonstrated that it is an effective and efficient way to deliver long-term solutions for both product developers and those wanting to earn money online. Getting involved is a simple process. Set up properly, it can also be an easy way to make money.

It is easy to see why affiliate marketing is a hit from the merchant's or developer's vantage point. Their products are being promoted by others but no payments are owed until a transaction occurs. An affiliate is paid for every visitor, subscriber and/or purchaser that comes as a result of his promotions. The compensation is preset by the merchant and is usually a certain percentage of the amount paid by the buyer. This can be monetary compensation, sometimes by an award of credits or bonus points or even additional products awarded to the marketer.

From the marketers' point of view, they are able to earn cash or be awarded the extra points, credits or products which saves them money. And they do this simply by referring others to the merchant's site. They have no need to create products of their own. This allows them to promote as many different sites or merchants as they feel comfortable doing, which gives them multiple streams of income.

Many affiliate marketers turn to ClickBank, PaySpree or PayDotCom to find digital products to promote. There are thousands of products available. The challenge is finding the right product to promote, a popular product, which will produce good results. The competition from other marketers can be fierce. The way to ensure Affiliate Marketer 'A' gets his share is for him to create a USP, a unique selling position. In other words, what sets AM 'A' apart from AM 'B', 'C' or even 'D'? Why would Buyer '1' buy from AM 'A' rather than AM 'D'?

In order to create this USP, an affiliate marketer must be prepared to offer added value to the product they promote. Added value can take many different forms. This can be an offer of a similar free product such as an eBook or some type of software, additional credits or points, an upgraded membership at a traffic resource, or other tangible item. The idea is to offer as unique and valuable bonus as possible to earn the purchaser's loyalty.

While affiliate marketing relating to the network marketing or Internet Marketing world is one aspect to consider, there are many, many other avenues to explore. For example, a mother who uses a particular child care product may be able to set up a website that would promote that product along with other related baby items. This would create a 'Mom' network as others share the information. A pet sitter having a website offering pet sitting services could also have promotions for various pet related products or services. As more and more "word of mouth" promotions grew, the at-home income would grow also. The possibilities are as boundless as there are services and products to promote.

One more point to consider is the importance of establishing creditability. While some marketers attempt to promote products which they have only heard about, the savvy marketer promotes products or services which they have tested, which they use, and are even passionate about. It is much easier to promote something, and to profit from doing so, when there is firsthand knowledge of the veracity of the product.

Affiliate marketing can be a win-win situation for both the merchant/developer and the marketer. Whenever they work together, the rewards to both can be significant. The relationship appears to make good sense for both parties. Easy and affordable to begin, this type business can be up and running within a short time, but it's imperative that the business is set up properly. And it must offer value, setting it apart from all the other marketers of that product or service. With those points in alignment, affiliate marketing is a great success.

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Sep 19th 2011 at 8:33 AM by LonnieG
Affiliate marketing can be a way to go for those that want to maximize the use of automation and minimize their interaction with others. It can have a different feel to it than networking. Seems the best and most successful in the affiliate marketing arena still utilize networking too, so the question for me becomes "... why limit the ability to be paid from the referrals of happy customers that often chose to become marketers too?!". ~LonnieG

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