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Unrealistic Expectations or are they?

Jan 14th 2011 at 11:01 AM


We all have them and if your a pefectionist then you have more then most. You know it, the feeling you have when you expect somebody to do what you want them to do. I am forever telling my husband hey that wasn't in the script. I say this when he does something other then what I expect. The problem with this is you set yourself up. You set yourself up for failure. Then you may spend days or even weeks over coming this failure mentality and in the mean time you have self destructed.


So its your birthday you look in the mail box no cards. You check your phone and messages all day, hey its the electonic age. So you check for an ecard in your email. You get home and you look for the cake, the presents the balloons. Nothing! You know this feeling it has happened to you. Maybe it was the birth of a child or grandchild you kept looking for the congratulations from all over the place. Family friends coworkers, you know they know. Prehaps it was an party you threw you send out hundreds of invitations but only half showed up. Alright these were not you? Okay well maybe not but you get the idea. You set your self up for what you expect from others and they let you down. These are just some of the ways we have unrealistic expectation. The list really is endless.


Take yourself for instance. You were going to start that diet, you meant to clean out that closet, okay tomorrow for sure I will pick up that dry cleaning. Really really I promise I will get to that to do list this weekend. Bam here comes life gets in the way and before you know it you let yourself down. Now you know you do it to yourself and you may just spend some time beating yourself up over it. Imagine if you will how life gets in the way for other people. The dog gets sick, there is that fender bender and broken leg. Mother gets very ill and is in the hospital now your running around trying to get all the every day stuff done and spend two hours every evening at the hospital on top of the dozens of phone calls during the day to check up on her. Dang forgot to call your best friend today and it was her birthday. Now she is sulking over you not calling and you beating yourself up for having done it. Boy what a mess and what alot of wasted time and energy.


Thats right. Wasted had you not had an expectation that your best friend would call no matter what. Your husband just will not forget this year (after all you been dropping hints all week) you could have saved yourself and them some pain and suffering. People are people and life is life and things happen. It is only our expectation that something is going to happen that cause's the problem I remember one Christmas when I was little. All the little girls had Barbies now we were poor and Santa always came some how. So shouldn't he bring me that Barbie. Well I thought so but it did come at least not that year. It did not come untill many years later. I was dating my husband and some how he had heard me tell somebody that I always wanted a Barbie but never got one. Well that first Christmas together he got me a Malibu Barbie for Christmas. I got that Barbie! It wasn't when it was expected but I got it never the less.


Learn how to forgive others and yourself regularly otherwise you run around with a whole lot of dispare that really is uncalled for. We cannot put the other guys shoes on. They do not fit right. We can only walk comfortably in our own shoes. Do not be so quick to be upset when things do not go your way. It is your expectation that is let down and it is unrealistic to expect things to always go the way you want them.


So when business is slow and it will be. When you cannot reach those 5 hot leads you have. When others are calling and they need they need they need. Give your self a break. Go have a cup of coffee with a friend and start all over again. You just never know why somebody who said they were ready to get going on your business opportunity suddenly is not answering the phone or your email. Life might have shown up for them. It is okay they will get back to you or else somebody else will. It will be okay trust me after all I got that Barbie!



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