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Sep 10th 2010 at 2:30 PM

There will be a shorter revision to this longer version!

Preamble: I don't Know why your here, whatever the reason is 100% O.K. with me, as I do care, but Not so much as to get Involved in critiquing the Why, that is. That'll will be Governed by the creater-owner and his safe-guards in place and the evolving manner(-s) of his Choice Decision! Upfront I just Need to make this clear. I've changed my approach to how this Act of UNITY of our community membership should be Expressed. I Originally thought to and acted in placing IM faceplaters myself on the Twitter list labeled: IM faceplate member. I found out that the following and follower status bring about a Totally Different value to each. With the 'Follower' Status Holding a Greater Gargantuan Value of UNITY in the Twitter social media venue.


Query: What Got Your Attention? | What Gets Others Attention? | Would the Unified Activity of a Business, Group, Organization Get Your Attention? | The Word of Mouth About Our Community?



There's talk about – Creation of Traffic; How about an IM faceplate community Proficiency to Do Just That! Yes, we can!

On Twitter, recently, I created a Twitter list labeled: IM faceplate member. In the course, of coming across IM faceplaters in my community activities. I've taken it upon myself to Include them on the list. Without asking their permission. I've also prior to doing this, I Shout It about my Twitter Creation and asked for Feedback with Not 1 Response. I Realize that everybody has their own agendas and that's Fine. I may be Absolutely Wrong in this thought process. However, I've since then, Changed that process and have decided that even though its not harmful nature. It's not honorable to so without the pre-knowledge of the person.

So, I did the very next Best thing. I went to a number of IM faceplate members that have shown a timely response to previous queries. Thus, within their own timeframe they've made their Choice Decision to personally Include their Acknowledgement of a IM faceplate member within the Twitter community. The more IM faceplate members that are already Twitter members and those that become after joining IM faceplate first, may show also the benefits of having dual membership.

I'd Believe a Community should have a Central Common Unity that Strengthen the Very Core [the reason for the Longevity Life of It!] Honestly, at the very 1st. I thought about the benefit that I personally might gain. Still, in thinking it through the Greater Beneficial Value of our IM faceplate community is the Continuum of our Entity's Life! Why did you and | or I Actually and Really join up to this Incunabular Explosive Nova [that just may become a Super Nova... and with the Increase of Unified efforts it'll be a sustainable entity for a great timespan] in the on-line universe. And by our allowing ourselves to become a unified body in the first place! We each and everyone that comes to Understand just what it is that we've been Blessed to Know and become aware of should have it within us to make it Know to the new comers as well. And so, in closing, I've come to the conclusion that we will share greatly in the explosion and continual growth of referrals; [and yes! I'd Luv my share]... as IMers Need what our community both: proposes and accepts … as a Hybrid Difference unlike anything else on-line.

Recently a thought came to me concerning the probability the exposure brought about in a collective and reasonably simple and adjustment of a social community's awareness in the overall Unity factor of just why their Best-Interest Connectivity thrives in their joining in this one-of-a-kind Hybrid social network. The very thought process of a collection of different streams and values, [like that of the human body's collective multitudes of various components working together], yet having their individual accomplishments and tasks to achieve. Again, at first, I thought selfishly about what I could achieve out of it for myself.

When I Actual attempted to other community perspectives in the equation. Looking at it from a IM faceplate collection of attitudes. Would IM faceplate Benefit from the collective Real-Life, Real-Time Showing of Unity in another social media's venue? And do so without any threat to that communities operative day-to-day activities? Yet, all the while building its own Focal Points of Beneficial Advantages unlike anything that I've personally ever seen! As with the Multi-Mega financially operators. They haven't arrived to their present surpassing plateaus alone being the only generator to bring about their end result. Being earnest, they'd express the highly improbability, which equals Impossibility in human terms. I guess what I'm getting at is that one, won't get it done. Two or even three personas is a beginning to getting it Done – and that's Fine to start with.

[I cannot say for certain, this is what our creator and owner of IM faceplate may have envisioned. This isn't a Premise. Thinking things through and by allowing yourself in time to see a full picture from various perspectives. A unified community aspect, Just might be an Show of appreciation that words may not express. There's a saying: “Action Speaks Louder Than words!”] “Action Backs Up words!”

An Increasing Multitude of like-minded personas' continual promoting IM faceplate even on an ltd.| periodical basis cannot help but explode and Keep our Hybrid social community Strong and Visible to the ever-growth of new on-line populace in a Longevity Continuum Life expectancy... People will come and go their prospective Best-Interest Choice Decision(-s)... As a starting point my entry is Twitter. How will another, in the event, that there's another now or to come aboard; will bring about a connectivity between another social media with a total in and out compatibility coupling each other.

This Twitter list creation of 'IM faceplate member' will bring about a memorable thought to the Twitter community members of the Unity that exist within our community and that IM faceplate doesn't in any manner pose a competitive entity against Twitter's operations nor any other social media. The spread globally will bring multitudes for all our community members to Benefit from.

...your comments – both Con & Pro are Welcomed. I'm neither Attached to nor have any Aversion to your Choice Decision in which ever. Even in the event, there may be mixed feedback. Again, all are cordially welcomed regardless. Just as it's with Art "Beauty [Good & Bad|Indifferent] Is In the Eye of the Beholder!" Or in our case [in the event, that creator-owner hasn't any objection now or in the future] of a practicable democracy, the majority rules. The Twitter list, of course, is Only accessible to Twitter community members, existing and to become part of. [Any other archetypes that bring constructive focus to our IM faceplate community is Greatly Welcomed! | ...that's my personal point-of-view... >Shouldn't It Be So?

Postscript: the expectancy of the experienced IM community Only! _ Am I out of line, herein when I made the Call for action to be Responsive for an appreciative acknowledgement and result as to thoughts of a Specialized collective of Serious participates?

Please to comment
Sep 12th 2010 at 4:51 PM by houseofmax
I must admit, like the previous comments, I have no idea what you are asking me to to. Maybe if you re-state it in 10 simple words or less without the padding, that would help. Thanks for sharing
Sep 12th 2010 at 2:23 PM by BobHeiner
Man that is way over my head. Can't help you much. Good luck.
Sep 12th 2010 at 7:39 AM by BobHeiner
I'd be glad to but I don't see it here. I see UNITY, nothing else. Help me.

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