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United Paycheck Review

May 16th 2013 at 2:16 PM

This is my review of the United Paycheck MLM program.   United Paycheck is an online advertising network MLM program and appear to be operating out of Quebec, Canada.  It states on the web site that Kent Williams is the CEO and founder of the program, Eric Barnes as COO,  Jeff Wong as CTO, and Vic Patel as Chief Marketing Officer.  The United Paycheck URL is with server location in Pittsford, NY USA,  register GoDaddy, Inc., created on July 21st, 2012, and expires July 21st, 2017.  The program launched on Sept. 30th, 2012.

What is United Paycheck? United Paycheck states that it is an online advertising network that acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs around the world.  Plus they state that they have hundreds of thousands of publishers and advertisers in an extensive online network from around the world.

How Does United Paycheck Work? Members sign up for free and purchase AdPort's which is a traffic generator that generates a fixed income for a stipulated period of time.  Standard and Premium members pay a monthly membership fee of $10.  AdPorts cost $20 each and pay out .30 cents per day for 100 days ($30 for a 150% ROI), further on each AdPort, 10 Ad Impression Points (IPs) are awarded to the affiliate per

day.  The IPs can use to advertise a affiliate banners on certain websites, for a specified period of time.
United Paycheck uses Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, STP,  Egopay, and Payza for deposits and withdrawals, and the minimum withdraw amount is $20.

A maximum of 500 AdPorts are allowed per affiliate at any time.  For every 6 AdPort investments that mature the affiliate receives one AdBank that pays out $120 when it matures, generally in 3 to 5 months.  The affiliate will receive a $1 commission on each AdPort (worth $20) purchased by their 3rd plus referral.

United Paycheck also offer affiliate commissions based on a binary compensation structure that places a member at the top of the structure and upon recruiting two new members, a left and right team are created under them. As the member recruits new members they are added to the binary, as well as any new members recruited by these personally recruited members.  If a member in the binary buys 10 AdPorts in a day, they generate one point for that side of the binary.  At the end of each day the points on each side of the binary are tallied and paired off, with the affiliate upline earning $2 per paired points.

My Option..... United Paycheck is basically a stripped down copy of the 4 year old, proven  BannersBroker online business.  But unlike BannersBroker, United Paycheck appears to only accept money from affiliates (publishers) and not from non-affiliate advertisers.  Effectively you have affiliates purchasing AdPort's, expecting a guaranteed 150% ROI over 100 days.

Another plus that the BannersBroker program has over United Paycheck, is that BannersBroker has been "investigated" by the Ontario Securities Commission and was shown as a "legal non-MLM" type online company and business.  I am not so sure that the United Paycheck company could be able to pass this same type of "investigation".

Also curiously, United Paycheck "legal" agreement threatens members if they dare read any of the website pages in order to reproduce this information for someone else and affirm that all the information of the company is proprietary and confidential and you will not reveal said information to anyone else. And I do not understand why the company is so concern about sharing information with other affiliates or the general public.

My RED FLAG is that with all of the money coming into the company being paid by affiliates only (looking to receive a ROI), I feel that long-term wise, United Paycheck’s daily 30 cent liability will exceeds the new  money coming in from affiliates and the program will collapse.  Meaning affiliates who have money in the program and/or who get in last, will lose out.

On the plus side, I can see that United Paycheck is a whole lot easier to learn, manage, and earn money with then BannersBroker (I advise BannersBroker for only experienced computer users and marketers).  But unlike BannersBroker I feel that United Paycheck will not be a long term income program, with a life of maybe only 2 to 3 years.

So would I put money into United Paycheck?   YES and I already have, but I would keep it to no more than $200 (10 AdPort's) and withdraw your total earnings over the next two 100 day cycles (200 days).  This way you should get out your original $200, unless it is shut down by the Canadian government before then.  Remember United Paycheck has already been online for almost 1 year now and I expect it to "fail" withing the next year or so.

Just My Option,
Philip Reitcheck

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