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Understanding Well Water Filtration

Apr 22nd 2020 at 12:55 AM

Not everyone lives in a big city or even the suburbs and for those who live in rural areas, but still want to experience the benefit of clean water, it is important to understand how well water filtration works.


In rural areas, it is common for people to rely on the availability of well water. However, there can be serious problems over the quality and drinkability of well water that could lead many people to look to a well filtration system to make sure they protect the health of themselves and their families.


While sometimes the purity of well H2o can be very good, sometimes the water is contaminated with bacteria. This most commonly happens when a septic field or surface water makes its way into the water source before the well water is filtered by the soil. When this is a possibility, well filtration must be installed so the homeowner can enjoy and use clean water.


There are components to a well water filtration system and the well water needs to flow through in a specific order. The components and necessary steps to getting clean well water are: the water first must flow through a good pump and into the pressure tank, from where it should go through the water softening process, through a 5-micron filter, through an ultraviolet purifier, and then into the water heater. If any of these steps are skipped, it could affect the quality and drinkability of the water.


A well filtration is a little more advanced than a typical Best Tankless Gas Water Heater system used in a suburban or urban residence. Typically, those water filtration systems are simply making sure impurities are removed. Since the well water is a little more "raw" in form, the well water filtration system must be more advanced and more thorough.


As with any filtration system, a homeowner must provide proper maintenance on the well water filtration system to make sure it works correctly. For instance, when the system is installed, it is important to stay vigilant and check for leaks, this won't harm a person's health but it will harm their wallet. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the bulb in the ultraviolet light portion of the purifier is working. If this ever goes out, the water will not be purified.

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