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I have a string of interests to lengthy to mention, however I get great enjoyment from helping others who are struggling and looking for a way out!
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Understanding The Basics – Free Targeted Traffic and Lead Generation

Apr 9th 2011 at 5:39 AM


When you start a business online or move an existing business online, one of the key things that will determine whether you are successful or not is the flow of traffic to your site. My aim here is to explain why this is important which is very simple and I will give you some key points to help you drive targeted traffic to your site for free.

Like many of you, when I started my internet marketing business and was trying to understand and learn how to get off the ground and turn my business into a successful training platform for people just starting out , I had such a lack of funds at the time, I found it very frustrating that I could not put any extra finance into my business to get a good start straight out.

Once I realised there was no quick fix, or one push button software which was going to make me tons of money within hours, days or even weeks, I put my head down and got on with learning what to do and how to implement everything in order to find Free ways of getting that all important traffic to my site. I realised this was key to my business both to start with and also for long term success!

No traffic, No sales – Traffic is the life blood of any website. More importantly the traffic generated to your website, must be quality traffic,  people who want or interested in what you have to offer. In the online world we call this targeted traffic. With the versatility that the internet now offers, there are many ways in which you can drive targeted traffic to your site, surprisingly many of them for FREE. The only thing you need to invest rather than your money, is your time! Time to learn the strategies, how to implement them and so important is to ACTION them!

The Downside and Upside

Gaining traffic for free though like everything does have a downside, however, if I get it out of the way quickly, at least you will be aware of it and can move on to the upside! If you realise this before setting out, then it will make your experience to gaining targeted traffic all the more realistic, which is very important. The reason being simple,  if you think this will be an overnight success, you are sure to be disappointed,  you will definitely start to feel despondent and before you know it you will lose your ‘faith’ in your business and will end up giving up before you’ve even started. The downside being, that most of the techniques used are time intensive. However the big upside is  simply – and all important longevity – once posted to the world wide web it is there for a long time and is consistently working for you every hour of every day. So the upside far outways the downside!

Ways to Gain FREE Targeted Traffic

To start you off on the road of gaining free online targeted traffic, I just wanted to give you a few ideas which you can start implementing immediately to drive targeted traffic to your site. For those of you who are just at the research stage of whether or not to get online and if you do not yet have a website,  please take the following as a sure sign that you are in the right place! You do not need to be an internet genius or website expert to implement any online strategies, let alone getting a website.  If you need help just contact me and we will get you up and running in no time!

If you do already have a website, yet are not getting any traffic, the following is a sure way to get started on the road of attracting targeted traffic to your site. One thing that I do advocate if you’re looking towards any new techniques to internet marketing,  always remember that you must learn your skills, just like you would if you were learning to become a plumber, lawyer, racing car driver or even a hairdresser. So my advice to  you is to pick one marketing strategy at a time,  learn that strategy well, put that strategy into action, and then move on to learning, implementing and actioning a second strategy and  so on.

  • The first method that is proven to work very well in driving targeted traffic to your site is article writing. This is where you post articles on the subject of your business or that of which you are an expert, which will gain the attention of people who will be interested in your product or service. You will be able to include with the article a back link to your site where people can find out more about what it is you offer. Uploading these articles to an online article directory or having them published in the local press even, will gain you more targeted traffic.
  • A great way of gaining more traffic for free to your website is to write great content for your site. Search engines will track down the keywords and keyword phrases that you are using on your site and over time will display your site near the top of the rankings. This is what is commonly known as search engine optimisation or SEO for short. Making sure that the content of your site is informative and entertaining, and of a high quality, will not only attract but also keep your visitors to stay there once they are on your site.
  • Another way of generating free targeted traffic is to take advantage of online forums and communities. Forums like are a fantastic place as they are proven to allow you to target a certain group or demographic that you consider your target market, for example how to play left-handed golf. You will be able to discuss many things that relate to your product or service, just be sure to offer valuable and informative information that people will find useful. You must never spam your links, this is one sure way off getting booted off the forum and gain yourself a poor reputation. Not the way you  want to be seen! Be sure to include links in your signature to your site; after all you will be there in the forum for a reason.
  • Finally another great way to generate traffic without paying for it is to trade links with other sites. This is where you come to a mutual arrangement with another website owner, to include your links on their site and vice versa, this works especially well if you are in the same niche e.g. golf but are not offering the same service or product an example of this would be a golf lesson site exchanging links with an equipment site.

As you can see, there are many ways to getting your website out amongst suitable people who are looking for what you have to offer. By implementing these strategies as part of your online marketing campaign you will start getting that all important targeted traffic to your site, all of which are getting you closer to your goal, always assuming you have a great product or service to offer . More clients and higher profits!

Learning how to market yourself and your business is imperative to succeed online - an online community is definitely the best way forward - Finding real help and live tutorials in real time with real people is unbeatable to learning this industry. Take a look round and see what they have to offer with regards learning and earning in marketing.

To Your Success!


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