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Ultimate Power Profits Review

Sep 20th 2012 at 3:05 PM

This is my review of Ultimate Power Profits, aka Global PowerProfits, aka Global Paradigm Shift.  This new income program is owned by Scotty Evans, who started pre-launch promotions for his new Ultimate Power Profits system back in July, 2012 with great fanfare.  

Ever notice when a new program becomes highly successful like ZeekRewards, there always seems to be a flood of "copycat" income programs that come out?   Well like Bidfy, now here comes Ultimate Power Profits or Global PowerProfits or Global Paradigm Shift (you pick the name) which is basically another "copycat" of the highly successful ZeekRewards / Zeekler penny auction income program.

Ultimate Power Profits (sometimes called GO) generates its affiliate earnings from these three business avenues.
(1. - Penny Auction Site (which does not yet exist)
(2. - Affiliate Program
(3. - Wealth Building System (which does not yet exist)

Cost to become a "Founder" affiliate is $23, plus all affiliates will pay a $10 monthly membership.  They share 50% of the net profits with active members.  iGObidWin members earn 1 wealth building profit pool point for each bid they buy, each bid they are rewarded, and each bid made on their website.  VIP customers earn 1 point for every bid they buy.

The MyTurnOnTop program is powered by Spinfinity PowerProfits system, with no referral needed to earn with both the Spinfinity PowerProfits system program, as well as the 50% Wealth Building Profit Pool.

Also the Ultimate Power Profit program states the following:
(1. Guarantees that 100% of ALL members earn commissions every 6 days. 
(2. Extra bonuses on all that sponsor through 4 peer-tier referrals.
(3. Windfall MaxProfits every 72 hours.
(4. EVERY new member earns commissions within 72 hours of joining. 
I would go into the details of all the different member options (Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and Leadership Bonus Pool levels (Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Crown ) but that would take several pages.

PROS -  No need to refer to earn.

CONS - This program is still in "pre-launch" so it has NO record of any earnings.  It is promising that all members will earn commissions every 6 days, yet the sources for these earnings, the penny auction site and the wealth building system DO NOT YET EXIST.  

CONCLUSION -  I never join any program that "guarantees members will earn money", yet alone a program that is in "pre-launch" and currently does not even have its stated sources of these earnings in place yet.  I wonder why a so called "great" income program has to hide in so some many different program names?  And if this is a no referrals needed to earn program, then why is almost ALL of its different earning systems so heavily tied to getting referrals?  Plus I have joined many, many pre-launch income programs in the past and not one ever turned into a good money maker.

  Now with all this said, I am not saying that the Ultimate Power Profit income program is a bad program, because it is still in "pre-launch".  Your guess is as good as mine if it will become as good as its "pre-launch hype" claims it will be.  But I do know from past experience that if it does become a great income program, then you should still be able to make money with it by joining 6 months from now.  If not, then it is not the great program it states it is. 

That is why programs like ZeekRewards and BannersBroker are still great earning programs even after 2-1/2 years in business, even for current new affiliates. So if you are willing to "gamble" you money on a un-proven program that does not yet exist, then I guess this one is no worst then the next one.  But I value my money more than is, so like Bidfy, I am going to take a wait and see position on this program. 

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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