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Nov 24th 2010 at 12:37 PM

Hi and Hello from Henri & Harry, from the happy island, Curacao


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Even though Twitter is focused on making tweets as short as possible, it’s still important to make sure that you are always getting the most out of your 140 characters. It’s important to remember that becoming a reliable source to your Twitter followers, by demonstrating your expertise, should be your goal behind Twitter posts. Without further ado, here are some tips to make sure your Tweets are up to par:

1. Keep it Clear

Try and keep “text speak” to a minimum in tweets. I hate it when one of the people I’m following does a post, and I have to try and decode what they are even talking about! Get your point across with as little internet lingo as possible, and make it easy for people to understand what you are talking about.

2. Keep it Short

While 140 characters may seem simple enough, it’s often too long if you want someone to retweet your tweets. Generally, 110-120 characters is the perfect length, so someone can simply retweet your post without having to edit it. Since all of your information is valuable, people are going to want to repost it. Don’t make it harder on them! Keep it shorter than 140 characters, so it has room for the RT @YOURTWITTERNAME before the post.

3. Keep Those Links Short Too

Considering you only have 140 characters (well, 120 now that you read the previous one!) you don’t need 90% of those to be taken up by a long link. I use the link shortening system built into HootSuite (a program that preloads your Tweets) but you can also use the website to shorten your links.


4. Keep Your Eye on Keywords

Keywords are essential to being found on Twitter, because those are what people are typing into the Twitter search bar. Use Google Adwords Keyword tool to try and implement keywords into your tweets that are related to your niche. Using the hashtag feature (the “#” sign) will allow you to make sure your Twitter page is stocked full of good keywords, and will drive traffic to your Twitter profile.

5. Keep Your Customer in Mind

Always give your two cents on a subject, even if it’s just a retweet or link. You always need to be showing people how they can benefit from clicking on a link or reading your tweet. The reason they are following your business is so that you can fill a need in their life (with your product or service). When you are always keeping your customer in mind, and showing how they can benefit, they will start to trust your company a lot more. Always remember, someone’s favorite subject is usually themselves, so telling them how YOU can help THEM is essential.

6. Keep Coming Back to Lists

Top ten lists (or top 8 like this one) always get people’s attention. Try and use as many lists as possible when you’re building content for your tweets. They are generally short and to the point, and give people the most information that they can handle in a short period of time. My links to lists are always clicked on a lot more than any of my other links.


7. Keep Your Followers Engaged

Customer engagement is a big part of using Twitter, and people love to interact and offer help online. Any time you can ask questions, or comment on someone else’s link/question will make your followers more aware of you. Keep in mind, social networking websites are designed to build and support communities of people. What are you doing to actually engage your customers, as opposed to just link posting?

8. Keep Your Personality

Most importantly, make sure that you are always posting from you. Don’t make your Twitter posts read like sales letters or PR campaigns, thread your personality into all your posts. You need to come off as a real, down-to-earth person in order for people to connect with you. When you let your personality shine, people will be much more drawn to you than just posting a list of boring Tweets. This also goes for copy and paste DM, and trying to sell someone on something (even if it is just to follow you on Facebook) when they decide to follow you. People can see through copy and paste messages, and you aren’t helping anything by using them.

So there you are. Remember these “Eight Keeps” of Tweeting, and you’ll improve user interaction, and attract more followers.


Best wishes,


Henri & Harry


Curacao & Dubai

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