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2 years ago

Twenty Bucks Says You Will Read THIS!

Jan 12th 2011 at 10:39 AM

If you are money motivated or if you have been looking for a way to help others earn some extra income with no true out-of-pocket expense then continue to read!

Now this is only available to those that are able to do business in the U.S.; you will need an address and the proper tax ID information ... if you are still with me, read on!

There is a FDIC member corporation that is paying a one time twenty dollar bonus to its new customers that fund their debit card with a minimum of forty dollars.  That is it!

It is free to apply for the debit card and it is usually received within a week of when you submit your request.  There is no obligation as to how much funding you put into your account, but the issuer is providing the twenty dollar bonus as an incentive to get people to encourage people to fund at a level to will allow many to actively use and benefit from having this debit card in your pocket.

There are ways that you can transfer funds into and out of the debit card account without incurring fees from the card issuer.  You are also allowed to transfer funds to other debit card customers of this same program with no fees.  So this could be a handy way for you to assist some of your team members with bonuses and awards.

When was the last time you got a 50 percent return on your money with virtually no risk?  Just apply for the debit card then fund it with at least forty dollars and the bank will add another twenty dollars to your account ... the entire amount is available for you to spend as your choose!

Why am I so generous in sharing this information with you?  Well, the bank pays a twenty dollar referral fee too!  How many of THOSE twenty dollar bonuses do YOU want to receive?

Ever wish you had a great, easy way to establish a good connection with other people?  Do you think that if you help someone get an extra twenty bucks that they may also be open to other things you share with them?

What if the program(s) you are promoting could be covered by that twenty bucks?

Even if the entry amount for your program(s) is higher than twenty dollars you can show people a way to receive multiple referral fees just by encouraging people to sign up and fund this debit card with the minimum forty dollar amount ... again, the forty dollars is completely available for the debit card holder to spend just like he/she would on any other debit card account ... so is the twenty dollar bonus!

Looking for the catch?  The only catch is whether or not you qualify and whether or not you act!

==> Send me the way you want your name submitted and the e-mail address you want to use in setting up your account ... send this information to me in a private message here in IM Faceplate.  I will acknowledge receipt of it, so if you have not gotten a message back from me within a few hours please send me a nudge on my faceplate to check for you message ... I am sure you will NOT have to do that, but it is always great to hear for you anyway!  :-)

There ARE some very good programs that will allow people to make (and save) good money, so lets work together to let more people enjoy working from home!

Much continued success to you,


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Jul 27th 2013 at 1:03 AM by topnetworkeral
You would've got my $20 ... sure made me click just to see what you had inside; Great headline Lonnie!
Jan 13th 2011 at 12:10 PM by LonnieG
I just received a $20 off my next in-store purchase of $50 or more from Staples ... that is really close to the debit card offer! Of course, the debit card funding can be used on whatever you want ... maybe at Staples?! :-)

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