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TVI Express: Two years of continous growth... and still growing strong!

Feb 9th 2011 at 8:29 PM

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Hey TVIite,

It's been 2 years of aggressive horsepower-packed moving forward and of the incessant spurt of zeal and instinct swapping over with enhanced lifestyles the world over, and global-bonding but it feels rather particularly nostalgic when referring to it for we have NO time machine (well, not as yet) to travel the time and precisely relive those glorious moments of success, exhibition of strapping collaboration even during the phases of hitches & glitches and of your unflinching love and support that we lived in these two groundbreaking years.

Nevertheless, needless to mention though, we have our arms fervently open for beginning of the new year 2011 with new plans and strategies to redraft our success and augment it by many folds.. AND before we embark upon doing the same, today, our heart reaches out to each of you congratulating for emerging out as such great assets to the company and your success and we thank you for bringing the wealth of your exclusive savoir faire and innovation to the table without which, it would have not been possible for us to come this far and for this segment of international business to revolutionize.

Two years ago, with our state-of-the-art business modules, strategic agendas and cutting edge modus operandi in mind, we took the oath to replenish the space of relatively much undiscovered and freshly-ventured-into section of Direct Selling with attention and spirit of the crowds. And, we believe to a great extent, we have even succeeded in waking it to its embryonic form from the stage of extended dormancy but along with it have the masses too developed with TVI Express into a persuasive cluster of visionaries and thus, the millionaires.

What were these 2 years all about?

2009 proved to be a great relief and beginning for thousands of thousands of lives worldwide when the world was succumbing to the dark repercussions of global economic crisis and TVI Express emerged as a very bright ray of hope. Not only did our business offer an immediate survival plan to many but also played an instrumental role in igniting a great deal of interest in this field and that's when the world urged to learn more and more.

2009 being our first episode in the history was also a year of development for us as we had just taken our first step but with passage of the year, we were able to exactly understand and execute what that was demanded by the industry and subsequently, the second half of the year witnessed a gigantic response from different markets across the world.

2010 as being more developed set the stage for even better opportunities!

And, here is the 2010 fact sheet:

  • - Distributorship in over 150 countries serving all continents
  • - Over 3 Million Members
  • - 173 employees worldwide providing support in 13 languages
  • - 19,000 direct contracts and 95,000 indirect contracts in over
  • 6000 global destinations
  • - $ 16 million invested in technological services
  • - $ 1.1 million in sales per day
  • - Offices in 3 countries with 3 major expansions happening in
  • the first quarter of 2011
  • - I am TVI Events, Regional Conferences, Seminars and
  • Trainings spreading the word around
  • - 4 International Boot Camps

But, how did TVI Express transform the industry over these past 2 years?

Unequaled business plan

We created a business plan that has something for everybody and is yet balanced. Its most distinctive characteristic is its dynamic approach towards statistic analysis which instigates an equilibrium overall and the same made it the "People's Plan" and subsequently, also changed the perception of many people in the industry who initially offered a great deal of resistance to Direct Selling plans because of mere hearsay or insufficient knowledge or past experiences with incomplete plans prompted by other companies.

Appealing product line

Our product line is undoubtedly one of our greatest USP's. We're the first in the industry to have come with such an advantageous product which entitles our members for a free vacation in any of the hotels/resorts across the world as listed in our free stay inventories. Now, isn't that a delight in itself?


TVI Express's business plan offers the rare opportunities of earning sky-high figures and literally, Sky is the limit with us. We have been and are known industry-wide for constantly rewarding our members across the globe according to their levels of performance and yes, we have generated several millionaires in the process!


Stability has rather been an issue in this industry but with us over the past two years, stability got its right place when people learned about our way of carrying out Direct Selling and gave it the credit of being an apt "full time" work for people with or without any conventional backgrounds who are open to learning more about its underlying potential and achieving financial freedom.

System Education

Proper training and guidance to the associates is one of the most important elements for a business to flourish. With our custom-fashioned boot camps and other such educational events like BOM's (Business Opportunity Meetings), Motivational Speeches by the experts, frequent conventions etc., we give you a clear and deeper insight into this line of business and unveil for you what it has to offer but since we know that participation in especially the boot camps is dependent upon certain criteria which are laid down by the company. Thus, for those who can't participate or don't qualify to participate in the boot camps, we always encourage to make the best use of our other educational events which are arranged for those who are keen to work closely with us.

Within a time span of 2 years, we have already had 4 fully paid international boot camps with 2 more lined up for near future (as already announced). Consequently, Direct Selling is soon going to be known as a household phenomenon!

But none of this could have been possible without your love and cooperation. And, we are confident that 2011 will create more glorious memories for all times and it is even more likely to magnify our success by several folds.

Again, we congratulate each of you for your success and wish you the best of success in times to come!


The TVI Express Team
Touching Lives Globally!

Copyright (C) 2010 TVI Express All rights reserved.

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Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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