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Turning Dreams Into Reality

Nov 19th 2010 at 1:06 PM

How To Turn My Dreams Into Reality?


Being able to take action in the face of fear is essential to successfully transforming your dreams into your reality. I personally believe that if you dream big and take action you will automatically put yourself on a path to success.

How Do I Get Started?

Every action counts, whether you start off by simply reading books on the topic, making a list of what you need to do, contacting people who have already achieved what you are trying to do or if you just decide to take a class to learn more about what it is you strive to accomplish, it all counts.

A good way to stay focused and persistent in your quest for success is by setting due dates for when you would like to have completed certain task related to your goal. Creating list and setting due dates are said to give your dreams and/or goals structure. Structured dreams are easier to visualize.

Is It Is Okay To Fine Tune The Dream Along The Way?

Don’t worry too much if you don’t meet all your due dates. What matters is that you work toward meeting the due dates from a positive mind set. This will help you to take the right steps to achieving your goal.

Making a list, learning as much as you can about what your are striving to accomplish, and setting due date are all important to achieving your goal but just as significant is asking yourself the right questions along the way.

For example: How will I…?

What if…?

Who can help me…?

More question equals more answers, more answers equal more options. More options helps you make decisions and apply your knowledge in a productive manner, bringing you closer to the success you initially set out to achieve.

Although there are no guarantees that the actions you take will lead you to immediate success, every action you take toward your goals while you are on your journey will inevitably bring you closer to reaching the success you seek.

Be persistent. No matter what you dream your success to be, go after it with faith in yourself and the belief that every step you take toward your dreams and goals forces your dreams and goals equally closer to you. Some might equate this to the “Law of Attraction”. I think of it as creating your own reality.

This short blog post is in no way intended to be a complete guide to success. I simply want to share some of the inspirational knowledge I've picked up over the years. I am always working on turning my dreams into reality and it still blows my mind every time I go back to my list and I see that I had already completed several of the task and I am that much closer to my goal.

Best wishes to you with whatever it is you strive to accomplish. “The path you create can take you anywhere you want it to.” G. Coleman 2010




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