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Jul 2nd 2010 at 6:44 AM

Make Money Telling Your Friends

TurboTycoon reserves 49% of the ad revenue it collects to reward members for receiving messages, and for telling friends and businesses about our program. It is a win-win for both businesses and members

5% Msg Delivery Commission. First you earn 5% commission of the fee an advertiser pays to send you a message. This commission is put instantly into your account for each message you receive. * Each time you receive a message that an advertiser paid us to send to you, we will deposit 5% into your TurboTycoon.com account. Once your account reaches $10.00 you can transfer that to your PayPal account!

4% Override Msg Delivery Commission. This is cool. When you tell your friends about TurboTycoon and they sign up, you become your friends sponsor FOR LIFE! As a sponsor of a member, you will receive 4% of the money that an advertiser paid to send them a message... every time they receive a message! So, not only do you get a 5% Msg Delivery Commission for your own messages, you receive 4% Override Msg Delivery Commission on messages your referrals receive!

Lvl Pay Description Qualifacations
- 5% On Messages You Receive None
1 4% On Msgs Your (Lvl 1) Referrals Receive 1 Active Referral
2 4% On Msgs Lvl 2 Referrals Receive 2 Active Referrals
3 4% On Msgs Lvl 3 Referrals Receive 3 Active Referrals
4 4% On Msgs Lvl 4 Referrals Receive 4 Active Referrals
5 4% On Msgs Lvl 5 Referrals Receive 5 Active Referrals
6 4% On Msgs Lvl 6 Referrals Receive 6 Active Referrals
But that's not all! When the people you sponsor begin to tell others, those new members are considered to be in your Network. You did not directly sponsor them, but they were sponsored by your friends, so you really are developing a referral Network. TurboTycoon will pay you a 4% Override Msg Delivery Commission on ad revenue collected to market to people in your referral network! We track a referral network down to 6 levels of friends sponsoring friends. There are qualifications to reach down to deeper levels of referrals. Qualifications are based on how many personally sponsored active referrals you have. See the chart above.

Make Money Telling Local Shops!
20% Msg Sales Commission. This is exciting! When you refer a local shop, or business, and that business decides to market to TurboTycoon members, you will receive a 20% Msg Sales Commission on the money a referred business spends when they send a text message! And, because you are the business sponsor you receive a 20% Msg Sales Commission every time that business sends a text message!

20% Subscription Sales Commission. Businesses are required to pay a $29.95 monthly subscription fee. Business sponsors receive a 20% Subscription Sales Commission everytime thier personally sponsored business makes a subscription payment.

4% Override Subscription Sales Commission. This is very, very cool. When people in your network register a business and that business becomes a subscriber, you will receive a 4% override subscription sales commission on every business in your network that pays a subscription fee.

Lvl Pay Description Qualifacations
1 20% On Txt Msgs Sales To Lvl 1 Businesses None
1 20% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 1 Businesses None
2 4% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 2 Businesses 2 Active Referrals
3 4% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 3 Businesses 3 Active Referrals
4 4% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 4 Businesses 4 Active Referrals
5 4% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 5 Businesses 5 Active Referrals
6 4% On Subscription Sales To Lvl 6 Businesses 6 Active Referrals
As you can see, TurboTycoon has 5 ways for you to earn commissions. It is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. These commissions are called residual commissions. That means as long as your referrals and your referral network are receiving text messages, and your referred businesses are buying advertising, you will earn money. Each and every time a business spends money to text the TurboTycoon member base… we pay commissions!

Sign Up Now! Don’t wait! All members are given their own member page where they can send potential referrals! Also, you will be able to monitor activity using the dashboard system we have set up so you can get reports of referrals, messages sent, businesses buying advertising, and more!

Membership is Free, so don’t wait! Sign Up Today!

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