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True or False 5 Misconceptions About Freelancers

Jun 9th 2015 at 8:17 AM

Though the number of freelancers is steadily increasing, many people still have misconceptions about what and how freelancers do what they do. Check out these five myths and see if they answer any questions you may have had about freelancers as professionals.

Freelancers Get to Work in Their Pajamas

Most freelancers actually don't work in their pajamas or sleep in. Some have to meet with clients in person. Even for the ones that don't, treating freelancing as a job means getting up every day, putting on clothes, and sitting down to work just as you would in an office.

Freelancers Don't Make Any Money

It is true that some freelancers barely make any money, but that's certainly not the case for all freelancers. Freelancing is a job, which means finding ways to advertise, attracting potential clients, negotiating contracts and fees, and delivering quality work. Skilled people who treat it as a job generally do find they can make some money at it. That may or may not be enough money to support myriad lifestyles.

Freelancers Make Tons of Money

Image via Flickr by 401(k) 2013

On the other side of the coin, it seems like everyone these days has a friend of a friend who quit her job to start a blog and now makes six figures in a month. It sounds too good to be true because it is. Many freelancers do well enough to support families with their income, but it takes perseverance to get to that point. Freelance success does not happen overnight, and many freelancers keep their day jobs while building their freelance careers, only quitting their day jobs when they know they have financial security freelancing.

Freelance Jobs are Everywhere

There isn't some magic website where all freelancers go to find jobs. Some freelancers have large clients who provide a significant amount of work. Others don't. Some freelancers have luck chasing down jobs on job posting sites, while others would rather contact clients directly. Finding jobs has a lot to do with how you build an audience, how you go about finding clients, and how strong your portfolio is. The reality is, most freelancers do a significant amount of work to build their client bases, especially when starting out.

Freelancers Don't Answer to Anyone

While freelancers may not have a boss or a manager, they absolutely do have to answer to people: clients. If you want to be a freelancer, you have to understand that clients come in all forms. Some are easy to work with, some are a little frustrating, and some are hardly worth the hassle (and may not be, if they don't want to pay enough.) A good freelancer knows how to communicate with all types of clients, but that doesn't mean there won't be clients who are never happy or who expect a lot of work for next to no money.


Freelancers may not work in their pajamas, but they are often people who've worked very hard for the privilege of doing what they enjoy, and enjoying what they do.

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