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Jun 18th 2015 at 4:43 AM
Living room is the centre piece of any home. Usually people put in their time, energy, effort and even cost while decorating their living room. Understanding this need of making the living room trendy in every manner possible, interior designers in India are coming up with new stylish and innovative ideas everyday for their clients. This is not only limited to offline interior designing consultation. But online interior designing companies are also providing their clients which varied designs to make their customer’s home beautiful. Some of the trends which are visible in interior designing in India are: 1.      Theme- It is very important that before designing a living room space both the customer and designer finalise the kind of scheme they want for the living room. The theme of the living room can vary from traditional, modern to country etc.  It is the theme which will decide the colour scheme of the space, the dressing of windows, the flooring, wallpapers etc. Even the furnishing and lighting of the living room will be finalised only when the theme is decided. It is important that interior designing consultation companies both online and offline communicate this to their customers clearly that theme for a living room is an important concept because it will help in finalising the whole getup of the space. 2.      Creating a Focal Point:- Usually when designing a space, it is important that the designers create a focal point in the room. The focal point is anything which grabs the attention on the first look. Interior designers India have understood the concept of a focal point. The focal point can too vary from a fireplace to an art piece in the room, but usually it the television which becomes the focal point of the living room. 3.      Furniture:- It is important that while deciding the furniture, we keep in mind the theme of the living room, so the furniture is in sync with the theme of the room. Also the furniture should be such that it complements the space. It should not be too bulky or too light. Also the arrangement of the furniture should be such that it enhances conversation between people sitting in the room. Living room space is used for people to sit and make conversation so it is important to setup the furniture accordingly. Arrangement of furniture can be done easily while working with Online interior designing companies because it is easier to make changes. 4.      Lighting:- The lighting of the living room is very important. It is the lighting which will add beauty to the whole arrangement and setup. The lighting should be such that it complements and in sync with the theme. The lighting should be spread across the room and not in limited area. There are varied kind and style of lighting available in the market to choose from. 5.      Artwork:- Last but not the least; it is the artworks in drawing room. Artworks can be paintings, woodcarvings or showpieces etc. These too should revolve around the theme of the living room.  It is important the placing and arrangement of the artworks are done to enhance the beauty of the artwork and the living room; otherwise it can give a bad look to the living room. Above are some of the ways through which a living space can be made trendy. It is important the designer and customer agree upon what kind of a look the living room needs. Even before that it is important that the budget is decided well in advance. Considering the above points while designing a space will definitely give best result.
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