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Transform Life Through Hippocrates Health Institute

Jun 22nd 2015 at 11:54 PM

Hippocrates Oath

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C) was a Greek physician who was the originator of medicine. Those days, there was a wrong notion that disease was caused by angry gods. Hippocrates was the first to write that disease was caused due to scientific reasons.

Modern Hippocratic Faith

Based on the concept of Hippocrates, more than fifty years ago, the great altruist, Ms Ann Wigmore developed a new concept that food s our medicine and medicine is our food. In collaboration with Victoria Kulvinskas, she established Hippocrates Health Institute which is now managed by Brian and Anna Maria Clement since 1980. The institute encourages people to transform the quality of their lives and health by drawing from their inner resources.

Location and Major Activities

Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) is located in the West Palm beach, Florida, spread over an area of 50 acres of land. The following are its major activities

· Health and Nutritional counseling

· Non-invasive remedial and youth augmentation therapies

· State of the art Spa services

· Motivational discourses on principles of life

· Daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals


The institute aims at educating and preparing people to be responsible enough for internalizing and actualizing an existence devoid of pre-mature aging and needless pain. In pursuing a life of materialism and consumerism, people forget to realize their inner resources and neglect the persuasion of healthy life which probably is the most prized possession one can have.

The Hippocrates Institute intervenes to show them the right path for generating a positive mind set, self confidence, enthusiasm and self-awareness that would optimize life’s achievement, both materialistic and spiritual. Although everybody longs for these, few only can achieve because of lack of proper guidance for tending and nurturing their inner resources. The institute helps in this inner up-rising and manifestation of the inner potentialities.

The Life Transformation Program of the institute facilitates this transition from the ‘uncared to the cared’, the ‘concealed to the revealed’ and the ‘unutilized to the utilized’. The facilitators are the medical team and the professional care servers who provide support and guidance at every stage of the transformation. Added to this, others, recovering from similar challenges, act as concealed motivators. Real life stories from people of different walks of life who have benefited from being the inmates of the institute will take you a long way in the process of transformation.

The Health Educator Program (HED) of the institute affords extensive learning experience with regard to the practice and teachings of the institutes that postulates that food is your medicine and medicine is your food. The wisdom acquired from this program will bring about a radical change in your food habits and life style that will make you ‘positive-oriented’.

The HED program is for a duration of nine weeks which introduces you to the health benefits of plant-based and raw diets. It also imparts teachings on complementary therapies and related disciplines that streamline your life and way of living.

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