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Total Life Changes Review

Jun 5th 2013 at 5:39 PM

My review of the Total Life Changes income MLM program.  Total Life Changes (TLC) are in the nutrition and skincare product selling game and is its CEO and founder is Jack Fallon.  The URL site is "" which was created on July 4th, 2003, is set to expired on July 4th, 2017, and has its server in Scottsdale AZ.   I wasn’t able to find any history on Jack Fallon, so I’m not sure if he was involved in any other MLM companies before Total Life Changes or not.

Even though the URL was created in 2003 the current TLC program seems to only started since early 2012.  Prior to that the TLC products (under the Iaso labeling) have been primarily marketed through SeAcai, which is now listed as a division of TLC.  The renaming of the company back to Total Life Changes appears to be an effort to increase the Iaso product exposure and affiliate sign ups.

How Does Total Life Work? Their compensation plan offers affiliates Retail commissions, Residual Binary (Matrix) commissions, Fast Start bonus, Check Match bonus, Corporate Expenses Account, and Car bonus.  Affiliates must place a minimum monthly order of $40 to earn commissions.  Also affiliates can increase their Binary commission rate by purchasing “Leadership Packs” as follows:  Leadership Pack 1 – $199 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 2 months),  Leadership Pack 2 – $499 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 4 months), and Leadership Pack 3 – $999 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 6 months)

A 50% Fast Start bonus from new referral's first purchases.  A binary compensation from a binary matrix which places the affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two matrix positions directly under them.  These two positions forms two teams, with an affiliate being paid on the group volume (GV) generated by both teams.
At the end the month, the team that has generated the less volume is what an affiliate is paid out on.  The leftover group volume (GV) from the other leg is carried over to the next month.

The Check Match bonus is also paid out on level 2 personal recruits.  The Corporate Expenses Account is  stated on the web site, that an affiliate can “earn up to $1000″, but there is no details on how a affiliate can earn this Corporate Expense Account money.  Plus TLC does not show on its web site how affiliates qualify for the Car bonus, only stating that affiliates “can earn up to $1500″ in Car bonuses.

My Option... I do not like the idea of converting retail customers into affiliates after they spend $40 or more, as this basically removes most retail customers from the program.  True it is still possible to have retail customers if they spend less than $40, but what is the point of limiting how much your retail customers can spend just to stay a retail customer?  NOT ALL CUSTOMERS want to be in a MLM program and have to order $40 every month.  I would prefer that the program would have a true separation between retail customers and affiliates, like the JubiMax / JubiRev program has.

The TLC business plan seems mostly to recruit new affiliates.  This is proven by the requirement of the minimum $40 product purchases each month, just to qualify for commissions and the conversion of retail customers who spends more than $40, into an affiliate.  This makes it very hard to know what retail customer revenue is and what affiliate revenue is for this program.  It also changes how affiliates market this program, with affiliates mostly recruiting affiliates over retail customers. With the Fast Start bonus, Check Match bonus, etc. affiliates are mainly getting paid on the recruitment of new referrals (not retail customers), which is always a RED FLAG in a MLM direct sales program.

Plus with the added commissions that TLC pays from the Leadership Packs, an affiliate can basically purchase a Leadership Package, when they sign up, just to get higher commission rates.  This makes me wonder if an affiliate is paying more because of great products or just because they want to earn more.  Because of this, recruitment commissions paid out on the Leadership Packs are another RED FLAG in my option.  I can also see where an affiliate could end up with a LARGE personal stock pile of Iaso products within a few short months.  So it might be a good idea to first purchase some products and try them out before going into this program as an affiliate, since you will be ordering an additional $40 in products EVERY MONTH.

If you are planning on joining this program I would definitely ask your sponsor as to how many retail customers they have versus affiliates.  If revenue from true retail customers is small compared to that from affiliates, than TLC is probably an income program that you should join with care.

Just My Option,
Philip Reitcheck

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