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Top Tips To A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Jun 5th 2011 at 4:51 PM

By: Bob Collins

Evolving into a highly helpful online marketing tactic, viral marketing has been of great use to countless online entrepreneurs in developing their online businesses. Expert utilization of this marketing strategy has caused great increase in website traffic for their web pages, leading to the exponential increase in their potential customers as well.

With the success that viral marketing has given to a lot of companies, numerous marketing professionals have been offering their expert advice on how to successfully launch a viral marketing campaign. They have made it available to budding online professionals the secrets of viral marketing success. Here are a few general tips from them to help you get that viral message rolling.

Invoke Emotion: Your campaign should create strong emotion. Your audience should suggest love or invoke happiness and compassion. The same isalso true with the opposite feelings of emotion. Love or hate, anger or happiness, as long as it gets the audience excited, rest assured that they would tell their family and friends about it.

Evoke Emotion: A successful viral marketing campaign must create strong emotion. Your target market should suggest happiness or invoke compassion or love. The same goes for negative feelings of emotion. Love or hate, anger or happiness, so long as you get the crowd to care, rest assured that they would tell their friends and family about it.

Stand Out: All noticeable campaigns should stand out from the rest. It would be difficult to get noticed if your campaign becomes just one of millions. So incorporate the unexpected in yours. The element of surprise is a wondrous thing. One must try to stay away from "been there, done that" campaigns.

Avoid Traditional Advertising: A lot of people think wrongly of viral marketing as just another form of traditional advertising. Traditional advertising means you would be doing the same thing over and over again. This would mean there would not be anything different in it. The content of your campaign should always be more important than your product placement. It would just be more difficult to market otherwise.

Follow it up: Once you get people to recognize your campaign, you should follow it up with something before the hype dies down. You could provide bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes, creation and conception process, a back story and more extra material to keep your campaign fresh.

Make it easily shareable: For internet content, it's really simple to share your marketing message. One link to your campaign would suffice. Of course people would still need more encouraging in doing this, so focus on the idea that they can share your message to the people they know. Provide a download, embed or share button that would encourage people to keep your campaign rolling.

Allow access to everyone: This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you want your campaign to succeed, ensure that everyone has access to your content. For your message to spread out exponentially, it should be free and easily accessible.

Allow access for everyone: This is pretty much explains itself. For your online business to succeed, ensure that all people have access to your campaign. For your campaign to scatter out into the masses, it should be easily accessible, and of course, it should be free.

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