Top Points to Remember Before You Install a Home Security System

Aug 4th 2014 at 1:37 AM

You are spending your hard earned money and to protect your home from the bad elements of the society.So in case if this security system could not provide adequate security features, then your money will go waste. Here are a few points for you to understand that the system is worth installing or not.

As a matter of fact, most of the homeowners don't know much about the security systems. If you ask them why they need it? They have a simple standard answer like for the safety of home or burglar alarms.Here are a few practical points to consider before finalizing new system or deciding a suitable replacement.

False Alarm 

According to a survey security systems have a greater amount of false alarms error. Sometimes this error rate exceeds up to 70% and above. This is a well documented fact and you can see this at various security agencies and police departments. In most of the cases police personals don't wish to respond immediately because of a false alarm. False alarm will waste their time and resources as well. Nowadays, police personals are charging fine because of false alarms generated by automated home security systems. Even burglars also know about this and take the advantage of slow response by the police department or other security agencies.

Easy to Disable the Alarm

Nowadays, burglars are also techno savvy and they have enough technical knowledge to disable it. A simple way to disable a home security system is to cut the cables. That is the reason why wireless systems are in demand now. They also argue that how this system can protect a house when it cannot protect from the burglars. Generally, we do install the system on the difficult entry points of the home, but burglars may break in by easy entry points of the home.

Monthly Charges

Most of the homeowners are unaware about the control panel and other features of the home security system. This shows their inability to operate it and benefit from this system.That’s why the manufacturer of this security system undertakes the maintenance and functioning of your home security systems and makes you aware in case of any emergency. In order to perform this task regularly they offer monthly service, which will increase your budget eventually.


You know that home security systems run on electricity and in case of power cut you have to keep the battery backup.This will keep the home security system functional foran extended period of time, but in case electric supply is not resumed in a defined period of time; your home becomes prone to the burglars and they can take the advantage of this situation.

When a home security system raises a false alarm, itwill not only create panic in your mind, but your neighbors will also get affected by this alarm.


Author’s Bio: Home security system is a wonderful gadget to protect your home, but when it raises false alarms. It increases the difficulties rather than minimizing them.

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