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10 months ago

Top Free Tips for Email Marketing Success

Oct 7th 2015 at 11:33 AM

Hey, Travis here :-)

Marketing via email can be very profitable
and should be the cornerstone of any online

So I am always reading and learning how to
be a better email marketer myself, and I just
read a cool report that had some great tips.

Let me share a few with you...

#1- Email Traffic Converts 40X Better than
Traffic from Twitter and Facebook...
It's best to use social traffic to get email
leads, then use followup emails to convert
them into buyers, referrals and income.

#2- When Subscribers Get a Welcome Email
They're 33% More Engaged in the Long Term...
What happens as soon as somebody new
joins YOUR mailing list? You should immediately
welcome them and start building trust. This is a
GREAT way to use your autoresponder.

#3- 80% of People Scan, Create Your Emails
so They Can be Easily Read and Understood...
80% of people scan emails instead of reading
them word for word. Make sure to use headlines,
bullets and images to capture attention. Also, the
more white space between text, the easier to read.

#4- When Your Leads are Properly Nurtured,
They WILL Spend 47% More Money...
Email subscribers who are nurtured and
treated properly will spend almost 50% more
each time they buy. Think about how you can
create more trust with your readers, and enjoy
bigger sales and profits :-)

#5- More than HALF of all Email Is Read
Via Mobile Devices, so Plan Accordingly...
People check their phones as many as 150+
times per day, and 51% of all emails read are
opened on a mobile device. When crafting your
messages, make sure they're effective on any
size screen.

Keep these things in mind when creating your
next broadcast, launch or email newsletter.

These little tweaks hold a LOT of power :-)

And if you're looking for great traffic sources
that have helped me build a BIG list, check
out this PDF I created freely sharing my top
converting advertising sites...


Take care and talk soon,
-Travis Winn :-)

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