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Feb 14th 2011 at 3:58 PM

I am going to list a few tools here that I use. I am only going to list 5 so as not to overwhelm anyone and I also feel these are the most basic tools to get started with.

The first tool I would recommend is Affiliate Funnel.

Join free or upgrade that is your decision. I joined free then upgraded later. If you have the money it is worth upgrading from the beginning but not absolutely necessary. But when money is available I would suggest upgrading here as one of your first upgrades.

The site is in the process of being made more user friendly and lots of updates happening

First thing to do here is READ the first page and download the Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Funnel and READ it. This book was written by Mike Paetzold. Mike was one of the creators of Affilate Funnel and is still very active in the Seminars. He is a very wonderful and knowledgeable person. If you ever get a change to attend any of his seminars I highly recommend that you do.

One last thing here is to look at the Seminar schedule and ATTEND these meetings. As a newbie some of it may be way over your head but ask questions. Everyone in those Seminars were new once and everyone there is willing to share with you what they know. Right now there are only Seminar's on Saturday at Noon EST but I think in the fall it is planned to start having them again also on Monday night. But be there at every one that you can. Sign in with your real name. This is part of branding yourself which is the most important thing you should be doing right now.

Next Tool would be TrafficWave AutoResponders

You have to have an Auto Responder. No way around it believe me I tried. There are several ways you can go here but I am only going to talk about Traffic Wave here because that is the one I found to be best for me. I found it fairly easy to set up thanks to my upline and mentor Lynn McCutcheon.

Now there is a 30 day free trial then this is a paid program. I was able to get my TW downline built so I only paid for two months and now my downline pays for it for me. There is an income opportunity with TW but the way I look at it. I need an AR for my business and if I can make it pay for itself then that is great but most of the people trying just to make an income from TW in my opinion are not going to be able to make enough at it and also not going to be able to keep the people in their downline if they are not using it.

The Third Tool I use is TEToolBox

You need to be able to track your links and TEToolbox offers the easiest way to do this in my opinion. If you do not track you will not know where to focus your advertising. Best to get in the habit of this from the very start.

TEToolbox also has rotators which makes it easier to get your sites up at all the different TE's and locations out there and you only have one place to go and change the main rotator if you want to make a change.

You have Free and Upgraded options here. I upgraded here in the very beginning because upgraded members can have unlimited trackers. This is a GREAT feature.

There is also an affiliate program here but the way I look at it is this is a tool I need and if I can get it to pay for itself or even pay me a little then that is Great but not going to make a living by just selling this tool.

Fourth tool is AdKreator

Adkreator is an easy to use yet very powerful do it yourself banner/ad creating service. It is 100% web based so there is no software to download. It's so easy to use even the most design clumsy users can be creating professional designs without a nervous break down.

You want to be able to make yourself stand out. You don't want to use the generic splash and banners that you get with the programs you promote.  You also want to be able to create squeeze pages to build your list.

I tried several and found this the easiest for me to use. I am upgraded here because you get so much more and you really need it.

Fifth and last is Traffic Exchange Command Post

TE Command Post is designed to save traffic exchange users tons of time and fills a real need for regular traffic exchange users. TECP also acts as a HUGE traffic exchange downline builder.

TECP allows members to see their credit balances, texts and banners for ALL traffic exchanges on site and gives them quick links to login to the exchanges and manage their ads all from one place. In addition, members can set min and max credit levels and the system will email them daily reminders whenever they're low on credits or when they've got tons to assign.

Free members can monitor 10 TE's and that is more than enough for the newbie. When you get more into it you can upgrade and have access to 20 to 50 TE's. TECP also has an affiliate program but here as with my other tools I feel that the affiliate money is just an added bonus to the benefit I get out of using the tool.


These are just a few of the tools I use daily. Most of these tools have an affiliate program but I advertise them as tools to use and not affiliate programs to make money off of. If you are using them and teaching others to use them then your income will come.

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Dec 29th 2011 at 1:38 PM by stevesam
Hi! Brenda, like your site. I need to make a site like this. I need to upgrade at Adkreator.
Aug 18th 2011 at 12:01 AM by arthouse
Hello Brenda :) Great article, and I do agree with. these are great programs you have mentioned. Keep up the awesome work. Randy
Apr 24th 2011 at 7:36 PM by sb4269
Very nice Brenda!
Feb 14th 2011 at 11:03 PM by aussie_angel
Hi Brenda, great article... why didn't I think of writing something as down-to-earth and straight-forward as this! lol I use all these same tools myself and Brenda's summary is absolutely right!
Feb 14th 2011 at 5:26 PM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Hi Brenda these are very good tools. I know a few people that use them.

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