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Today is just a brief about the website and the settings [Email Sample]

Oct 3rd 2010 at 5:03 PM

Wordpress has gone up a few notches

in my books, as a we move into 3.0.


Some interesting things worth following

HTML5, Database building rules, E-mail

options and social media.


If you are like me and seeking new ways

of branding your knowledge having a

decent website is something you will be

looking to improve.




Wordpress goes 3.0 + beyond so check

out the new plugins, explore paid for

templates to get tips about new tools

and make sure when posting you are

filling in your widgets SEO addons

because this is what helps you get

views, more traffic and a longer

standing with search engines.


For example Headspace is a good widget

along with SEO Plugins, and if in doubt

there is even now a useful plugin to

deactivate ping mechanisms in place

with standard SEO software.



Have you Checked out the Google search

lately on special occasions they are using

HTML 5 to deliver previously known flash

content, similarly Face-book are looking for

new ways to spruce up there Tabs options

this is currently known as XTML but HTML5

is also being converted look out for this

and then when you get the codes add to

Facebook pages, fan pages and add as the

first page people see (only available though

to people not logged into Facebook accounts).


Database building is and always has been

a hot topic online. You just have to goto

Forbes and research profit margins and

competition for Database Oracle to find

out the value of this web based skill.

You can build a good list with Database

skills, some plugins and settings within

hosting will help. If you wish to note

your list yourself then use Excel.



Excel is Microsoft the green icon it

is also available with your Google

account, use it get used to it and

put into practise what it does.

You can also save a heap of time

by using EXCEL for mathematical

equations ie book keeping etc.


Hope this helped I got some more

research to do. You can send me an

e-mail at


P.S. at the top of the page of site

you can find icons for social media

links to me, you can even subscribe

to feed up there or in the Feedburner

box below to the right, check it out.






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Oct 3rd 2010 at 11:13 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Robert: Excellent article. Very informative. Thanks for sharing these details on WordPress, Google Search and the rest. :-)
Oct 3rd 2010 at 5:13 PM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing the information Robert. God Bless! -

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