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Today at Walmart and EVERY DAY online!

Nov 29th 2010 at 12:16 PM

Ok....Today is Cyber Monday.... But isn't everyday a CYBER day?

It was fun handing out slips of paper to the people that were strolling in the parking lot of Walmart today! ( The paper had this site: www.zamzuufreeagent.com/kathyvillalobos). It was fun, but what a study in humanity! I found all the age old sterio-types in full form. There were the eldest individuals, the crusty, toothless type that looked at me cross-eyed when I told them they could shop online and get paid for it. Soon to fill up thier familiar twinkle in thier eyes was a sense of knowing. They didn't have to say it but we both knew. Shopping online for one reason or another scared and dissapointed the daylights out of them and they made a resounding vow to avoid it at all cost. Soon this shaped my own actions and I found myself fighting with that knowledge to make sure that I wasn't passing up folks that were tech savy, no matter what thier age group. Blue-toothed ears were a dead give-away and oddly enough so were the more possitive faces!

In addition there were those that seemed to roll out of bed, into the car and straight to Walmart. These folks reminded me of the walking dead. They made no attempt at eye contact and if I dared enter closely to them they sure did know how to send thier legs in a path around me. Seems Walmart is one of those places that people feel so comfortable in a crowd that many just assume they are not seen. I saw them alright! Each one of them and what they were wearing told a uniquely different story. To them I say, Don't Worry, Be happy! Wake up though! YOU might be missing the blessings offered and found around each and every corner!

Fortunately, the fun thing about shopping online is this truly is a great equalizer! All the home-bodies and tech-savy folks were there at Walmart, in full force, sure to thank me profusely for the paper I gave them. All the retired, avoid the crowds people were there marching to thier own drum. These folks too were possitive and perhaps thankful that I had recognized them in thier nice, daily dressed up look, acknowleging to me that there was no age 'ceiling' barier to shopping online. To both of these groups I want to say a giant HELLO! Glad to know you and I would love to know you MORE...but in the meantime,... Please enjoy this free gift for reading my blog! Have a  Happy, Fun and INFORMATIVE Holiday! ~ Kathy www.zamzuufreeagent.com/kathyvillalobos

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