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To join or not to join? An easy answer!

Sep 28th 2010 at 6:32 PM

That is a difficult question, especcially when you have started. All programs look so appealing: you will make 40K in 3 months, you can quit your job or retire in 3 months, you even make money on autopilot and when you sleep...

If it was really so easy everybody in America would quit their regular job.

Many people trying to make money online fail, there are only a few that really make a 6figure income.

I think many of you, like myself, have no desire to retire in a month, buy a ferrari or what ever, but are seaking a way to wipe out financial worries how to pay the bills, to put something a side for the study of kids, do something extra like a nice travel,etc.

These goals can be achieved but it takes time, commitment, some money for essential services and upgrades and most important, the right programs.

I have been doing this for 3 months now and saw several programs and websites vanish in thin air. That is frustrating when you put time and efforts to promote such a program.

You can imagine it takes years and hundreds of dollars before you have the expertise to shift the good oppertunities from the bad.

But there is a short cut to achieve succes; I have found several people who have expertise in different fields and are willing to give support to others. The risk that they make a wrong judgement in joining the wrong program is pretty slim. I follow these people, read what they write and join what they join or recommend. Ofcourse there is always a risk in joining anything but I think it is wise to follow people with expertise than hopping from program blind folded.

Be smart and follow the experts. Join TEAM FIRESTORM and become a member of programs listed in the downline builder. They are now in prelaunch till october 1st. When you can afford it upgrade before october 1st because they have special prelaunch offers now. But even if you can not affortd that at this time you can also earn good money if you join now, both for firestorm itself and the recommended programs of which many are free to join. In the downline builder are also programs you may be already a member of, fe GDI.

People believe me, these people ARE experts and they are integer. They do not tell you crap that you can retire in 2 months. Firestorm provides the best programs and the best tools. The rest is up to you. Advertise your programs (hé even MacDonalds keeps advertising); many people need to see an ad multiple times before they take action. And than maybe you can retire, not in 3 months but maybe in 3 years.

Note: this is not a get rich quick sceme! As I told I am doing this 3 months and I am a long way to buy a ferrari but i really see good progress.

So viste the site of TEAM FIRESTORM. If you are frequent on Faceplate and other social media I am sure you will recognize some faces.

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Oct 6th 2010 at 8:07 PM by catherinedwhite
If you are a complete newbie, joining a team might just be the best way to go. You will definetly go broke jumping from program to program. Don't do it. I highly recommend picking a Primary Business and finding a mentor in that business. You can develop multiple source of income but, I believe, everyone should have a primary business.
Sep 29th 2010 at 10:04 AM by forely
very nice article. I will definately check out team firestorm. I'm always looking for good advice. Bob

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