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Nov 24th 2010 at 5:05 AM

Hi and hello from the sunny, happy island of Curacao:)

Don t forget to write comments, it would help us a lot, so thank you!!


In one of the first articles we wrote, we talked about getting started,


A few questions to you first,

what would you offer your affiliates, when you have a product and you want to sell through affiliates, what would you offer as a sort of extra to get those affiliates worldwide interested selling for you?

second question: what would be for you a good, or better a super product,  as a (future) affiliate to sell/

third and last question, what would be your (marketing) tactics, selling your product, and why you would choose thes ( marketing) tactics?

We would be very happy and thrilled, to hear, read from you, and many thanks in advance.

So let s talk about what you must do, or what you better can t do, when starting in this exiting industry.

First of all, and I wrote that before, you must think very thorough about this because many people make the ultimate beginner mistake to start with 3-5 or sometimes even more different products.

When Henri and I started in this business we started with 1, read one product. we bought this tool by our selves and tried it several weeks before we knew the most in and outs of this product.We read many other emails offering this super product, that super tool etc, till we knew how "they"did it, as a matter of fact, 90% of all the things we ve learned from and over the internetmarketing was totally FREE!!!

So advice number 2) subscribe to as many different products as possible, read those emails, floating into your inbox, and believe me, they will:) study the emails thoroughly, ask yourself, which email got my attention to try a product and which not, most of the emails still don t appeal to me because very very badly designed emails. So once again learn from them, It is a perfect FREE opportunity to learn.

Advice number 3, last one in this article, take a big piece of paper, write down after you ve chosen a product, who are your future customers, who do you think would be interested buying from you, and why???

Take your time, think this over , and over again, make notes, after finding out who your prospects(future costumers) are, ask your self this: HOW AND WERE CAN I REACH MY PROSPECtS??

So you have enough homework for today ha ha,


So don t forget to write a comments, we would be very happy and grateful!!


Best wishes


Henri & Harry


Curacao & Dubai

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