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Tips to Follow in Developing your Reading Skills

Mar 20th 2015 at 3:51 AM

Despite the emergence of many digital gadgets and social networking sites nowadays, reading remains to be an important thing that a person has to continue doing. Unfortunately, the number of avid readers at the present time is relatively lower compared to their number many years back. Studies reveal several reasons behind this decrease. Researchers found out that a huge quantity of individuals stop reading like they used to because they feel that they don’t have the right skills to understand and remember the things they have read. For instance, some individuals may have to repeat reading several times before they actually understand and keep in mind the content of the text they read.

Today, ebooks are the latest medium that anyone can use for a better reading experience. However, before you decide to purchase this device, make sure to furnish first your reading skills so you can maximize its features and uses. Once you have done that, find the best electronic book for yourself at and read on any format such as pdf. Below are some of the tips you can follow to start reading with good speed and understanding.

  1. Know your objective

Every reader should have his own purpose in mind for reading. It could be to be entertained, to gather information, to obtain advice and more. During the reading process, make sure that your purpose is being attended to. Having a purpose makes your reading easy and quick as it lets you focus on the more relevant content of the text which will satisfy the reasons why you are reading a particular text.

  1. Do the skimming first

This can be done by paying more attention first to the headings, images, graphs, tables and key paragraphs of the text. Go back to your main purpose in reading and carefully read on the parts that can fulfill your goal. Through skimming, it will be easy for your brain to remember important details, where they are placed in a certain text and the general sense of the document.

  1. Know the mechanics properly

This is where the proper movement of the eye comes in. The left to right sequence should be followed when reading large blocks of text. It is recommended that you make an eye contact with all the text in a document. As much as possible, expand the range of the words you see in every eye fixation.


Applying all these tips and more for better reading surely can’t be done in just one sitting. It takes practice and more practices before an individual can be considered as better reader in terms of reading speed and comprehension. If you think you’re one of those who have to do these exercises and you can’t do it alone, a couple of reading centers and professionals are available across the world to help you. Reach out to them, ask for assistance and keep on reading. The road for you may not be so easy but it will be worth all your time, effort and money.

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