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Tips on How to Write Good MLM Ads

Sep 20th 2012 at 3:22 PM

Here are the 11 things I do when I write a MLM ad for one of my online income programs.  I have found that by using these email writing tips, I get a much higher click through rate to all my MLM online programs.

(1.  Always put two spaces between sentences.  Why?  Because it makes it easier for a person to read your ad copy.  Example, which is easier for you to read "My cat is nice. His name is George" or "My cat is nice.  His name is George".

(2.  Try and  keep your ad title as short as possible.  Example, which ad title do I get the most clicks from?   "EARN 200% on Your MONEY!!" or "Join BANNERBROKER and EARN 200% on Your MONEY Every 8 to 10 Weeks!!".   You got it, the short one.

(3.  Do not CAPITALIZE every work in your ad title.  True it might make the it standout, but most people hate this.  Only capitalize one or two key words in a ad title.  Believe me, this will catch more attention than an all capitalized ad title.

(4.  Always keep ad titles on topic.  Example, never use ad subject lines like "Thank You for the Order", "You Have a New Affiliate", "Your Account has Been Updated", "RE-", "Your Account has Been Canceled",  "Your Credit Card has Been Charged", "Your Account Information has Changed" or  "Please Authorize Your Payment".  Yes using titles like these will get your ad opened, but when a person sees that you are trying to trick them, expect all the rest of your emails to be tagged as "spam" by the receiver.

(5.  Keep your ad body short and to the point.  Below is an example of a BannersBroker ad I use;

Making All the Money you want is now Completely under YOUR control.

NO Selling, NO Phone Calls, NO Sponsoring, NO Recruiting

Over 200% return on your money every 8 to 10 weeks!!!
Can be set up to run on "auto-pilot!!!!
This is the most LUCRATIVE program I've ever SEEN.

Philip Reitcheck

Nice and short, and to the point.  Most people will not read a 80 line MLM ad from someone they do not know.  Let your capture page, sign up page or autoresponder emails, fill in the details.

(6.  Always use some color in your ad body (if you can).  Color will help grab attention to the key points of your ad (see my ad above).

(7.  Always sign your MLM ads.  People want to know that they are dealing with a real person and not just some programs automatic mass email system.  Plus if you do not sign your ad, then most people will think you are trying to hide your identity for some reason.

(8.  Only state facts that you can prove.  Do not state things like, "I started making $1,000 per week in my first month" or "I have gotten 15 sign ups in my first week".  Unless you really have, as lying to new program members will only catch up to you.  And when they do find out that you lied to them, expect them to quit your business program and never ever sign up under you in another program.  There is nothing wrong with hyping your program as long as the hype is true.

(9.  Never strip email address from Safelist ads or use someones else's email lists (either free or paid), as this is one of the fastest ways that I know of to get your email address tagged as a "spammer".  And once your name is listed as a email spammer, your only course of action is to set up a new email address under an alias name and this goes back to the to tip number 7 above.

(10.  Never post your business ads and links in any social network (like Facebook, Wayn, Ibotoolbox, etc.) chat wall.  It makes you look desperate and someone who does not know how market online.  Keep your MLM ads in the advertising section of a social site, unless someone actually asks for your business link.

(11.  If you plan on using social sites and traffic exchanges to display your MLM ads, always upload a picture of yourself.  Some people might think it is "cute" to use a picture of a cat, dog, bear or a cartoon character,  but very few people will sign up to your online program just because they think your picture is "cute".

Your friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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