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I am a Christian, a father to a beautiful little girl. I like anything outdoors,hiking,camping,fishing,golfing.I am also a wellness coach who works with others to help them better there lives through top quality health,nutrition and personal care. Currently leading weight loss challenges here in White,Ga
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Tips on Achieving the BEST YOU!

Sep 23rd 2010 at 9:52 AM

Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife once stated "Any one can produce their way out of anything". This was an extremely profound statement to me because this is so true. All my life something has burned in me. Something telling me that what I was doing was not enough. I used to ask myself constantly is this it? I was taught my whole life to do exactly what I was doing. Work and provide. The harder I worked the better I could provide. But as time went on I was seeing and learning a few things.

First thing was that it was NEVER enough. Come on I know I am not alone here. No matter how long or hard I worked my checks were never ever enough. I would get so pissed, and then a little depressed because this was it. I had to do this. Second thing was my presence as a provision to my family. What that means is they never saw me nor did I see them. I was either leaving for work or coming home and going to sleep. But I had to do what I had to do right? I mean everyone does this right? Soon I continued thinking I was crazy or just being lazy for thinking anything other then what I was doing was right. I just had to work harder or more hours to make more. I just had to go to bed earlier to get more sleep so I could enjoy my family. Unfortunately for me 8 years of hard work as a manager came to an end for me after I was robbed and almost stabbed 3 times for $70. I fought him off but kept thinking" You have to be kidding". I even tried to give this person what they wanted but he attacked me still. During this time my wife was pregnant with our 1st daughter. A career change was in order. So next I worked at the carpet mill. 90 degrees on a cool night, 60 plus hours a week, 6 days a week. This really sucked BUT I was getting paid good money and we actually were getting by on our finances. Of course I was completely taken from the home equation unless you came to my bed side to say hi, but financially I was providing so I was happy right? I was never late, worked overtime and excelled in my training. I was a hard worker. Then on august 21st 2008 I came into work and was told I could go home for the night, they would call me when I was needed. What do you mean? I asked. I am prompt, work hard and do a very good job.

Oh yeah? Well so do about 60 other guys who have been here a lot longer then you. So I went home and never went back. What happened? Why did this happen? I did all I was supposed to do, I worked I sacrificed, I worked harder, I sacrificed MORE, WHAT HAPPENED! Now before I go on I want you to see if you can relate to any of this in any way, shape or form. This is my purpose. This is not a sob story or feel sorry for me story, just bear with me till the end o.k.? So anyhow 6 months go by, I never hear back from the Carpet people and we are now living off my poor wife's 7$ an hour job and my unemployment. We both finally get jobs at a hospital about an hour away. We are grateful. The pay is minimal, the hours are set (No more then 40) and there are benefits. Great Right? My wife works 3rds Myself 1st and we have one car( Our other car was repossessed due to nonpayment)So now our children see us one at time, Carol sleeps most the time and The house work, well we do it when it needs done. After all of this the chest pains show up. Yep chest pains. I am hospitalized for 24 hours, told my diet was bad; my blood pressure was bad my cholesterol was bad. Should I continue? I finally snapped. I have been doing my whole life what I was told and taught to do but everything was going wrong. What happened? Why? For years I knew something was not right. It ached in y soul. I ignored it. For years I knew there was something more. I ignored it. Look where that got me. I could no longer ignore the obvious. What I was doing did not work. Guess What. I was Scared. What do I do? How do I do it? I had no clue. I was afraid to even try.

I REALLY started thinking about things. I HAD TO CHANGE. Not the things around me but me. I had conformed myself into doing what I was told was right and what worked and what to do. I knew and saw that things were falling apart so why would I not change? FEAR. I stated it once but I am now confirming it. I was scared. Then the more I thought about this I realized how much I have limited myself my whole life. All of us have. Think back on about 10 things you did not do that maybe you could have. Jumping off a cliff, skydiving, and new job. If you're like me I thought of quite a few things and I had an excuse for everyone. Most of the time was just I simply did not want to do it. But it was fear that held me back. We all go through this anytime change occurs. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what people will think or say. I am finally getting this. You have heard you are what you think about. Well do like I did when I heard this. I stopped and checked out my surroundings. We were broke, tired, mad, and confused.

Everyday these were my exact thoughts. So even before taking any action I tried every day no matter what to think about change. Regardless of what it was I thought about it period. Again I know you are thinking yeah, yeah I have heard this before so have I but NOW I am actually doing it. I am a Christian and believe a lot of this falls into the category or faith and miracles. Stepping into the unknown not knowing and just believing in yourself, believing in god believing that no matter what nothing can or will stop you. Thinking things will just happen. This is a 100% guaranteed. I am not saying this is easy, nor is it instant BUT if you do this constantly you will be surprised. I have heard how things are seemingly attracted to you, I was just like o.k. I am now working for myself; I have to talk to people, not just talk but engage them myself and talk. I had no clue how to do this. So I thought every day I WILL talk to 10 people. I thought this every day. Guess what People seemingly started coming to me speaking every day. You know the whole moral to this story is that no matter what the situation YOU can change it; YOU decide your outcome and can control it. I have been working with a few people for about 6 months and it has been amazing. From drastic weight loss, to better financial opportunities, to having more energy, to just changing things in their lives.

We are taught so well that whatever is, just is, that if we are down there is no way up, too basically to CONFORM to our present situation that we know nothing else. We think we are so there for we are. There is action required but its much simpler then what you think. I have shown people just small simple changes in their vocabulary, in their everyday actions make the biggest difference. Great changes start with small actions. We were recently invited to a weekend getaway.  My wife and I  had no clue how this would happen. I started to object, to say we were broke and couldn't go. Instead I just kept agreeing to go. Looking forward to going, I even planned work around it. My wife thought I was crazy, she even agreed to work the night we were supposed to leave. Well the day came, not only did we get the funds to go, My wife who was at work was told by a fellow employee she could leave, They were slow and did not need her! We went on this small vacation. I was amazed. Another great example of this is our last daughter Bailey. The doctors told me I could have no more children. My wife and I  were very unhappy. My thoughts never changed from having a child. I had 2 beautiful step daughters but really wanted a child from me and my wife. A few months went by and Carol became pregnant. At her first check up doctors told her it was a false pregnancy. Weeks later in that same doctors office we heard Bailey's heart for the first time. I never once doubted she would be here. I could go on and on but the whole point is to let you know you can achieve anything. Whatever it is you want you can have it or do it, just go get it. People tell me all the time that's you, not me or it's too hard or not true.

I just tell them I am no different than anyone else, I am just a person who was tired of being sick and tired and was willing to do anything to change, they can to. Yes it can seem difficult. Change takes time. Be patient, be focused DON"T GIVE UP! Your already were you don't want to be and you did not get there in one day it took time, so change, be patient and go get where you want to go or what you want. This has been a revelation to me. I am going to focus the rest of my life on changing and helping others who want it change as well. I got a chance to meet a young man the other day who wants help losing weight. I hopefully will be working with him. Turns out he has some friends who are in over eaters anonymous. I get the pleasure of meeting with them and hopefully helping them to. The attraction works. Don't let life or anyone dictate your life, it's too short. Let go and go be the best you can be! You can do it! You too can achieve the best you! Think it, see it, believe it and BE it! Before ending this I want to leave some helpful tips I use to help initiate change in my life-

1. Start by setting achievable and personalized goals (lose 2lbs this week, look for new and better job) when you take action and start seeing even the smallest change you will be motivated.

2. Optimize your thoughts. Once in the morning, afternoon and at night I stop anywhere (at work I go to a bathroom stall!)Take a few minutes to focus on what you want, losing weight, new job etc. Focus on it like you already have it or have done it (I have lost 5lbs! I got a GREAT job!)

3. Track your results every day. Do this daily after a week your tiny little results from day to day add up, after a month you will be amazed.

4. Find ways to motivate and inspire yourself. Most of the people I work with say this is one of the biggest

Reasons they feel they fail. Find a friend, a song, a movie whatever it takes to help you focus on your goal and to help motivate you. I found a great mentor and I LOVE Rocky=) what a motivator

5. Use your goals and achievements to help motivate and inspire someone else struggling with change in their life. There is NO better way to see the light then when you become a light to someone else. Your small little accomplishments from day to day can be life changing to someone with nothing. Be the spark of change that starts a wild fire of difference to others.

God Bless
Bradley D Gardner

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Nov 23rd 2010 at 4:22 PM by judyhwright
Hello from Montana, thanks for the article. I could really feel your heart and soul in the words you shared. As a family educator, I can tell you how important it is to have a dad that is present in the lives of children. Girls especially need to have a strong male role model so they will choose wisely when looking for a mate. jhw PS; If you would like more parenting articles, go to You will be glad you did.
Oct 31st 2010 at 10:06 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Brad: Thanks for sharing your story here with fellow IM faceplate members. And thanks for the great 5-point guide you provided at the end - great stuff! :-)

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