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Tiny Yorkie Puppy | micropuppy

Tiny Yorkie Puppy

Mar 9th 2015 at 6:15 AM

Pros and Cons of Acquiring a Small Breed Dog

Small breed dogs are very popular in our society and their diminutive size makes many owners inclined to have these tiny beings with love. Actually, you must not adopt or buy one for its looks alone, but by the way the dog would suit in your lifestyle. There are seven canine groups according to the American Kennel Club as;

•    Sporting
•    Hounds
•    Working
•    Terrier
•    Toy
•    Herding
•    Nonsporting

Among small breeds, the teacup puppies in toy group are most famous ones and include the following breeds;

•    Yorkshire Terrier
•    Teacup Maltese
•    Pomeranian
•    Yorkiepoo

In case of household, the focus is generally on small breeds of toy groups and each dog’s needs vary by group, breed, size, age, and other factors and there are many reasons for choosing or not choosing your future dog of one of these races.


•    Dogs are usually faithful companions to their owners and small breeds are no exception.

•    They can be reared on any type of space i.e. house, apartment because they do not require much space.

•    There are very few restrictions against these dogs, so you may have no almost difficulty in moving to an apartment, house or neighborhood. There is enough discrimination against medium and large dogs.

•    It is easier and more convenient to travel with them. You can get them into a small bundle and take them anywhere. It is be easier to travel with them by plane, as there are fewer restrictions on such races there too. However, for health reasons, some dogs like Shih Tzu, have trouble traveling by plane anyway.

•    It is true that small breed dogs bite less and this is why they can be good for children. It is just that if they were to bite a child or an adult, there would be less damage. Remember that if you educate the child and the dog, there should not be any problems with this regardless of race, but you always supervise them.

•    They are very popular dogs and people will think that your dog is adorable. It happens with all dogs, but especially with puppies and small dogs.

•    They require less exercise. Small breed dogs need exercise, but just in form of indoors games. Only a few small dog breeds need more exercise in toy group.


•    If you want a dog to accompany you in your fitness routine or running, it is not the dog for you. If you have a physically active life, you cannot accompany such a small breed.However, a small breed dog can accompany you to long walks and some even need it.

•    They are more likely to have more caring routine in the winter and summer than other breeds. You need to shelter in the winter and care a little more in the summer so that they do not dehydrate. Usually cannot spend a long time when it is cold outside. Note that any dog, big or small, must not be outside for a long time when the temperature is extreme.

•    Although they can be good with children, being small they can suffer from injuries if you let them fall or they are pressed. It is recommended that family members are determined by where they walk. Children especially should be careful with these dogs.

•    Many small breeds are very hyperactive and sometimes bark more; excessive cross-breeding has made some of these dogs nervous.

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