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3 years ago

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. Starts His Own Unique Social Network

Jul 9th 2010 at 9:13 AM

by Phil Staudt
July 7, 2010

Many social networking websites these days are springing up, because proprietors want to cash in on this huge growing market, and many websites are copying the styles of other social network websites, in order to get their piece of the future potential pie in the world of social networking. However, in the case of Timothy L. Drobnick Sr., he has built his own social network, womvegas.com, because for the past 15 years he has been showing people how to promote their business on the Internet, and part of what he does is to show online entrepreneurs how to use social networks for marketing and business promotions, but the social networking websites are constantly changing their rules and fees and formats like diapers. For that reason, Mr. Drobnick decided to start his own social networking website, in his own unique way, with the goal of making his social network website friendly for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and bands, contractors, retail stores, online stores and services, and marketing professionals. At the same time, WomVegas.com is designed to be a fun website for non-marketers, and a good way to meet real people online and socialize in the hundreds of chat rooms.

Why Another Social Network Website?

Mr. Drobnick states "as the owner of VIP Wealth Club, I have been teaching people how to use blogs and social networks to promote any business. However, in trying to keep up with social networking websites, and looking how they are controlled, and how they are constantly changing their rules and formats and fees all the time, I was having difficulty accurately telling people how to use social media marketing to promote their businesses effectively. (The members in VIP Wealth Club pay $19 a month and are entrepreneurs and marketers, not large corporations like Walmart or Ford.) So, I decided I had to create my own viable and popular social networking website, so that I could tell entrepreneurs how to use a social network that I control and I know they can rely on for marketing their products and services, that is both a marketing friendly social network and a website that appeals to both marketers and non-marketers."

In addition, Mr. Drobnick says "I  help people get their blog articles found on blogsearch.google.com and other blog-listing websites, but I am always having to change my recommendations and advice, because the websites that are supposed to help people find blog articles, are constantly changing their parameters and standards for listing blogs and blog articles, if they even stay in business. And the social networking sites keep going back and forth from pro-marketing to anti-marketing. They can't make up their minds! And then, when a small business owner or marketing professional finally finds a way to promote their products or services with social networking, the big wigs running the social network websites decide to change everything. It can be very frustrating and confusing."

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. has built and operated many websites and online businesses over the past 15 years. He says "I have studied SEO strategies from the best SEO experts, and as soon as I found something that was working well for my websites, then Google or yahoo, or some other search engine that was sending me the most traffic, all of the sudden would give me lousy rankings for no reason at all. Maybe I did not grease the right wheels or have the right college pals, but counting on SEO to send the majority of traffic to a website, is not a good idea for small business owners like me."

Social Network Websites and Marketers

"Recently," according to Mr. Drobnick, "the social network websites have enjoyed good rankings on search engines, and that is why I have been encouraging my students and followers to get on board, and have an online presence on Twitter and Facebook and Friendfeed and  Ning and Myspace and other social websites. But I get tired of having to go back and re-tape my learning videos and change what I recommend, because the rules and formats change so much and so often. So I realized, that by building and controlling my own social network, which various types of businesses and marketing individuals can use to promote themselves online, I can confidently tell the 50,000+ members of my marketing websites, and the rest of my students and affiliates at VIP Wealth Club, how to use one social networking website that I know will not go against them."

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. recently started womvegas.com, his social networking website, by attracting an army of Internet marketers and online proprietors, who are always looking for a good solid way to make money online and have residual income, and he is offering them commissions for referring new members and customers. Many popular social networks shun these success-oriented entrepreneur-minded marketers, and try to come up with ways to discourage them from using their social network. (Although, recently they have been scrambling to figure out how to cash in on them, with fees and ad deals, because they have learned that they need marketers. DUH!) Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. is counting on his marketing affiliates to get the word out about his new marketing friendly social network to small businesses and promoters throughout the world, including retail businesses and service businesses and local establishments, which operate online or off-line.

Womvegas.com has a single tier affiliate program for free members who want to earn commissions and residual income as free affiliates, and womvegas.com also has an MLM marketing program for upgraded members, who want to be marketing affiliates. There is no pressure at all for any members to be affiliates or do any marketing or promoting, and Mr. Drobnick plans on 95% of the members using the womvegas.com as free members to meet people and socialize online. Many of the chat rooms have strict rules against advertising or promoting in the chat area.

Upgraded members get their own chat room(s) where they make the rules for the room, and in those member-controlled chat rooms, other womvegas.com members have to request and be approved to post in the room by the upgraded member of that room.

Mr. Drobnick has also created a totally innovative way in womvegas.com to allow all the members of womvegas.com, both free or upgraded, to post text ads throughout his website, and the way that is done is by using activity points they can earn by playing games and visiting and "signing the guestbook" at certain pages on womvegas.com. The ads on the website can be placed by using points to bid in the text ad auction. That is part of what makes womvegas popular and fun, at the same time as it gives businesses and marketers a way to advertise online.

Womvegas.com is still new, and there are still glitches, and some of the features and functions could be more user-friendly, but for only having been launched less than a month ago, it is enjoying extremely high traffic and is already popular with people from around the world. According Timothy L. Drobnick Sr., he has taken his 40 years of sales and business experience, and combined it with his 15 years experience as a full time Internet marketer and trainer, and created his best enterprise so far, and has built this one to last for a very long time.

By Phil Staudt
July 7, 2010


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