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Three Possibilities to buy Gold.

Nov 5th 2011 at 5:17 AM

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero."
- Voltaire (1694-1778) -

Gold and silver coins have been used as currency for several thousands of years.
In times of crisis, these coins were often the only possibility for average citizens to protect the funds they worked hard for and saved from inflation, i.e. paper currency depreciation, which has shaken money and capital markets in periodic regularity to date – exactly as it is the case at the moment!
Precious metals can be purchased in the physical form of bars or coins; the latter can be classified as so-called bullion coins (the value of the raw material is decisive) and collector’s coins (the value of the raw material comes second).
Although bullion coins have the same value as the raw material and are a bit more expensive than metal bars, they are generally more widespread and popular worldwide.
Before 1967, the British “Sovereign”, the French “Napoleon” as well as the Austrian “Ducats” and “Krones” – just to name a few – served the purpose of gold investment and payment transactions.
The introduction of the South African Krugerrand in 1967 marked a coin whose main purpose was to serve as gold investment and not as means of payment. The modern gold investment coins encompass: the Krugerrand (South Africa), the Maple Leaf (Canada), the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Austria), the Nugget (or the kangaroo from Australia), the Panda (China) and the American Eagle (USA).
All of them can also be obtained from Securitas Aurum. The Britannia (England) has become less important due to the current mini-editions, the Lunar-series (Australia) are on the way up.
All other series, motifs and special coins generally tend to become collector’s coins (small editions, beautiful and changing motifs, in “mint state” = additional charges).
These coins cannot be obtained from Securitas Aurum.
The popular DM and euros coins can also be classified as collector’s coins.
The issue price of these coins was the current gold price, however, the one-time editions and the “relatively” low numbers of pieces lead to additional charges, which often significantly exceed the value of the raw material.

The level of familiarity and the popularity of a coin as well as its availability fluctuate considerably depending on the respective continent and country.
Thus, Mexico coins the “Libertad” in gold and in silver.
The global issue of the gold Libertad is higher than that of the Britannia (England), however, it is hardly known or widespread in Germany.
The silver Libertad, on the contrary, can be obtained in Germany without any problems.
With a market share of around 50%, the Krugerrand constitutes the high-circulation gold coin.
With regard to the current year, the Maple Leaf coin has the highest circulation worldwide and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has the highest circulation in Europe.
Irrespective of whether a nominal value is impressed or not (as it is the case with the Krugerrand and the Libertad), all modern bullion coins constitute an official means of payment in the respective country.
As the metal value always exceeds the nominal value, these coins are, however, logically not used for payment transactions.
The bullion coins are available in different sizes, for example as 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 or 1/20 ounce (1 ounce = 1 oz = 31.1035 grammes).
However, there are also 1-kilogramme coins and other denominations.
The weight of the precious metal denoted always refers to the fineness impressed.
For alloys (e.g. American Eagle or Krugerrand), the total weight is increased by the alloy metal. Bars often indicate the size in grammes.

The prices of coins fluctuate every day and depend on the daily price of the respective precious metal, the trade margin of the seller and the respective countryspecific value-added tax.
In theory, precious metal coins and bars could be bought and sold at every bank or specialised dealers.
However, you can also make a good bargain at coin shops, coin swap meets, (online) auctions, flea markets, on the internet or in the advertisements of daily newspapers.
Thus, we at Securitas Aurum are again the company that offers a very special opportunity to make a real bargain.
Generally speaking, there are three possibilities to buy gold from the Spanish e-commerce company. The company offers only gold packages to the amount of 4,800.00 euros.
You have the option to immediately pay in cash, whether via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. The customer receives his gold coins within 14 days after receipt of payment.
The second option is a so-called “flexible payment in instalments“, with an advance payment of 100 euros. The remaining sum has to be paid within a period of 12 months.
However, the option to finance one’s gold by means of recommendation to other customers is the unique thing about the company. Also in this case, the customer has to make an advance payment of 100.00 euros.
The recommendation to other customers and their recommendations enable the customer to “recommend” the gold price “to each other”.
In case, this does not work, the sales contract can, of course, be changed to standard payment in instalments at any time. Though, you should think over your desired payment method before concluding the sales contract online.

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