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Three Keys to Achieving Greater Marketing Success

Aug 22nd 2010 at 11:45 AM

You’ve seen the websites promising to reveal the “secrets” to success, but if you’ve taken the time to look at what 98% of those so-called “experts” offer, you’ve likely discovered that the only “secret” is that most of those folks have no clue about network marketing strategies or effective online marketing.

My commitment is to provide entrepreneurs with a way to achieve greater success, in less time. And we created a product that will immediately qualify our associates for savings of thousands of dollars, while empowering them with a system to increase their monthly revenue by a minimum of $700-$900 in their first couple weeks… all without investing more than $27-35/week in themselves.

(We do this without trying to convince entrepreneurs to switch programs, join a new “lead generation” deal or “viral marketing website”, or anything else of the sort. We can recommend excellent lead generation portals, viral marketing sites, and other free marketing tools… but those things will NOT produce income, without the training, support and strategies we offer our team members… and we do NOT ask you to quit any venture you may be doing… We want to help you succeed at WHATEVER IT IS YOU ARE DOING ALREADY!)

There are three important keys to immediately increasing your income and success, month-after-month:

KEY ONE: Sort… don’t sell.

Realising that not everyone is “wired” for success, and even fewer people are serious enough about achieving success to be willing to actually devote 30-90 minutes a day toward achieving it, we need to move out of the typical MLM mode, where we try to “recruit” everyone into our business.

Lead lists might provide you with hundreds, even thousands of names and email addresses… but 98.5% of those people will never be serious enough about success to actually pay attention and work for it. And timing may not be right for the remaining 1.5%.

So instead of “selling”, we “sort”. We let folks know what we can offer them, and let those who are serious come to US, instead of chasing THEM.

You see, I know that I’ve created a system that realistically allows people I work with to increase their actual income by an average of $2100/month in their first four to six weeks… without inventory, without hotel meetings, and without paying for new websites, recruiting systems, etc.

I also know that it takes 30-90 minutes a day to develop that kind of income, because I did it, and 85% of the people on my team have done so.

So when someone is serious enough about wanting to succeed, the first thing I tell them to do is to put their wallet away, because I don’t want or need their money. What I am interested in is helping them succeed… and they’ll do that by taking action, not by spending money.

In fact, I’ll give any entrepreneur who asks, access to over four and a half hours of high-definition video and audio training materials from some of the top names in the industry. And that information will do two things: it will help them immediately begin to profit, and it will sort out the ones who are serious from the tire-kickers and whiners.

KEY TWO: Build Depth.

Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to address this issue, without sounding like I am bashing certain companies’ compensation plans… which is not my intention. It’s a fact that some compensation plans are weaker than others, and don’t always provide the proper incentive for networkers to support their downline team.

But compensation plans can change. What matters is that a professional networker learn to discipline themselves to shift their focus from some of the nonsense that is passed off as “traditional wisdom”, and focus on strategies that work.

Chief among those ideas is understanding that duplication is the key to your success. We teach our team members to focus on developing a team of five serious entrepreneurs, and then focus their efforts on helping those five to do the same thing. And it works.

Starting with five aspiring wealthbuilders, I grew my organisation to 358,000 men and women, in under 18 months. And we did that without sponsoring any “teams” from other companies. All we did was teach a simple, fun and duplicable system.

I would ask aspiring networkers:

“If I could show you a way to increase your income by $700 to $900 in the next couple weeks, without inventory, expensive start-up kits, hotel meetings, or making a list of friends, family, etc., do you think you could find five other people who would LOVE to learn how to increase their income by $700 to $900 in the next few weeks as well?”

If they say yes, we roll up our sleeves and get started… and then I focus immediately on helping them to do the same thing. As a result, they actually end up earning closer to $4200 in their first month, but our focus remains on helping EVERYONE to make that extra $700-$900 in two or three weeks, first.

KEY THREE: Customers or Associates? Stay focused.

Too often, I encounter people who are so emotionally invested in their company’s products that they are ruining their businesses.

I know that sounds a little strange, but when you become emotionally attached to a product, especially to the point that you begin believing all the hype about it, and imagine that it is the “best” whatever, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Very few entrepreneurs got into the business because they love a particular product. They got into the business because they want to increase their income. So they choose network marketing as the VEHICLE for their wealthbuilding, and the product is the FUEL used to power that particular vehicle.

Don’t get emotional about a product. Recognise that your business will grow in direct proportion to the number of customers and associates you bring to the table, but that in most cases, you’ll prosper faster, by having a stronger team of associates. For that reason, we consciously look for associates, who will also be customers.

For example, my primary company offers the first, and most extensive range of quantum energetics (zeropoint energy) healing and wellness products. Fortunately, it’s a product that every one needs, since wellness, healing and energy balancing are important to people from any walk of life. So I look for people who are not only dedicated to bettering themselves, but those who share my concern for all of humanity, because I know those customers will also become a source of referrals, and will benefit from the income opportunity at the same time they benefit from the training.

The longevity of any business is dependent on “lifelong customers”. So I am constantly cultivating relationships with people I believe will benefit from my product. Some of them will become my customers, but even those who don’t will become my friends… and friends always happily refer new business to their friends.

Put these strategies to the test! And if you’re seriously interested in success, just drop by and subscribe to my free newsletter and training series and I will send you private access to more than four and a half hours of informative, success-building training and personal development video, audio, articles and eBook content… absolutely no strings attached.

About the author:

Internationally respected, life coach and teacher, Lama Gurudas Sunyatananda (Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato, O.C., M.Sc.) is a Buddhist and Franciscan contemplative, and author of the popular book, “The Dharma of Compassion - One Monk’s Reflections on the Teachings of the Enlightened and Anointed Ones”. He is best known for his on-going contributions to helping people unlock the power of their own minds — teaching them how to apply that power to create strong, loving relationships, make more money, and live more meaningful, prosperous, health and satisfying lives.

Copyright ©2008, Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato, All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced, blogged, quoted or distributed, provided the entire blog, including by-lines, contact information and this copyright remain intact. It may NOT be altered in any way, without express written permission.

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