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Three Incredible Ways to Increase Online Sales

Jan 16th 2014 at 8:52 PM

The dream of all who operate an online business is to achieve time freedom. In other words, they want to own their lives. It’s possible when the right approach is taken. Basically, there are three things that you need to do.

The three things are:

1. Write a compelling headline for your offer

2. Deliver on your promises

3. Offer a limited time discount or a limited quantity

The items listed here will increase the number of people who see your offer, as well as boost sales. What’s more, they aren’t real difficult to do. Nevertheless, they do require some thinking. So let’s dive right in and cover each one.

Write a Compelling Headline for Your Offer

Writing a compelling headline requires that you follow a proven, successful formula.  For example, take a look at the headline of this article. It follows a proven formula:

[Number] + [Adjective] + [Promise] = Vast Viewing!

Follow a formula like that and you’ll likely get the attention of more people. This headline, of course, has a number in it. But the same sort of formula can also be affective in “how to” headlines and the like.

So let’s dissect the headline of this letter.

Three [Number] + Incredible [Adjective] + Ways to Increase Online Sales [Promise]

As you can see this headline matches a proven formula that’s used in many sales letters, emails and articles. It’s specific, exciting, and practical. It attracts the attention of readers. And that’s what you want.

So write a compelling or persuasive headline. Now let’s move on to promises.

Deliver on Your Promises

What are you promising your readers? Make sure you deliver that promise somewhere in the body of your email, sales page, or article. If you’re promising your readers tips on how to make money online, then deliver those tips. If you promise to show your readers how to get better organized, outline how.

Also, if you promise to share a specific number of items, share that number. Don’t under deliver on your promises. You can over deliver, but still, it’s better to be accurate in your promises. You don’t want to hurt your long-term success through inaccuracies.

Once again, here’s the formula this letter covers:

Three [Number] + Incredible [Adjective] + Ways to Increase Online Sales [Promise]

So far we covered the importance of a compelling headline, and following through on your promises. Now let’s look into scarcity and fear of loss.

Offer a Limited Time Discount or a Limited Quantity

What’s the tendency of someone who senses a fear of loss? They’ll usually act fast. So if you offer a product with a limited discount for a certain amount of time, you’ll normally do quite well with sales.

The same holds true when indicating the remaining number of a certain product. We’ve all seen offers of a product on the Internet showing the quantity left with the original number above it with a red X through it.

Those tactics work and that’s why online marketers continue to use them.

When a product is online perpetually, without the threat of scarcity or limited discount, the human tendency is put off the decision until sometime later. Naturally, later may never come, and you lose out on a sale. That’s why it’s good from time to time to limit the quantity sold or to offer a discount for only so long.

Follow this strategy and you’ll see an uptick in your conversions.

Take Your Online Sales to the Next Level


In the world of online marketing, making consistent sales is the name of the game. When that happens your business moves steadily to the next level. In the process of getting there be sure to apply the strategy outlined here. Take those three incredible steps and you’ll see an increase in your online sales.

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