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Three Areas That If Overlooked Will Endanger Your Network Marketing Success

Jul 13th 2010 at 10:05 PM



Why does 97% of the people who try to build a business online or offline in Network Marketing fail?


Four Key Reasons Why Most People Fail

1.  Told To Write Down A List Of Family and Friends

2.  Told To Hand Out Business Cards or Flyers in their local community

3.  Told to buy and call expensive leads

4.  Try to build a business on the Internet without a system

These things work, but at your expense and at a snail's pace.  Equip yourself to have a Network Marketing business that will be found on the Internet when people are searching for you, someone to help them.

What if you could have a personally designed blueprint to get your online business off to a successful start?  Would that help you?  Of course it would.

Internet Marketing Mastery

Based upon the rankings, the top social media and search engines sites are Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  If you are not learning to be here where the people are you are definitely working yourself either back into a JOB or you're working yourself out of your network marketing business.  You can definitely spend countless hours and oodles of dollars learning how to get positioned strategically online.  If you have the time and money, have at it.  If you don't have time and money, please get with a GROUP of people that have documented success and learn in order to cut down years of struggling and decrease your learning curve.  I do warn, however, to become a leader, not a follower.  Learn to follow directions to a tee and then put your own spin on things AFTER you've created a level of success in what you have learned.

Network Marketing Income-Producing Activities

Have you ever tried to work as an Internet Marketing professional and daily you feel as if you're chasing your tail?  You're busy, but are you busy doing the right things.  Remember, even the ants are busy; however, you and I are in this beloved network marketing industry in order to help people and to make a living for ourselves...right?  Well just a word to the wise...sometimes you're going to do things that produce very little income in the beginning and sometimes we do things that will NEVER produce income...learn the difference quickly and take heed.

Promote Yourself, Not Your Upline Sponsor, the System, the Product(s), or the Company

Yes, attraction marketing does work, especially if you study its concepts and learn people's behaviors.  To attract like-minded business networkers to you, you must promote yourself as an expert.  A lot of network marketers are promoting their companies and promoting lead generation systems trying to build long term success.  This will not work.  People work with people.  They don't work with systems or companies.  Have you ever sent a prospect directly to your company's corporate replicated site without qualifying them or even finding out who they are and why they would wan this information?  Yeah...I know you have because I used to do it as well when I begin Inter-network marketing in early 2000.  My network marketing friend so that you distinguish yourself from the crowd, here's what you'll want to learn how to do.  Have your own lead capture pages and giveaway free information products or low-cost frontend products. 

You can be looked upon by your audience like the network marketing gurus, such as Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg, and learn strategies so that you can easily offer backend products to your audience and enroll business partners into your organization.

Well you have some things to consider, and I truly hope you take them to heart.  I hope you have found this infomration at the beginning of your Network Marketing career; however, if you've been at it for a minute...stop...breathe...and realign yourself for success!  I know you can do it!  I believe in YOU!

Kimberly Nelms is a successful online marketer who specializes in mentoring others how to build their network marketing businesses on the Internet. If you would like to develop a 90-Day Success Plan for Internet Marketing Mastery or a system that helps you generating 20-50 leads a day, visit my blog online at

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Sep 17th 2010 at 11:01 PM by schmity58
Awesome article people are people they can't be sold only 8% of the people can be sold and that's a personality treat. People are people not numbers network marketing is about friendships and relationships helping them succeed and staying with them for life.
Jul 28th 2010 at 9:15 AM by entrepromama
Kimberly, Thank you for this article. I am still learning but I know that eventually I will be able to be successful with online marketing.

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