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There are 3 Black Hat spamming techniques you should avoid at all cost,

Nov 4th 2010 at 10:22 AM

November 4, 2010

By Lonnie Niver

What is the term "Black Hat"? When the term "Black hat" is used we picture a villain character wearing a black hat dressed in all black opposed to the good guy look who is seen wearing all white in movies. But the villain in this case is not an actor in a movie. It is an unethical search engine optimization technique used to help websites gain higher rankings on search engines. 

Yes there are sites that use "Black Hat SEO" for their own benefit. Believe or not at one time or another "Black Hat SEO" was allowed to help search engine rankings. But then the usage of this technique was and like anything else rules and regulations where put into place to prevent websites from using "Black Hat SEO" techniques to gain top search engine rankings.

There are 3 Black Hat spamming techniques you should avoid at all cost,

  • Keyword Stuffing is a technique that is seen a lot. It is listing nothing more than keywords on a web-page. (This includes back linking.)
  • Invisible text this type of technique is Keyword Stuffing with a twist. Placing a list of keywords with white text to get the attention of search engine spiders.
  • Doorway Pages this technique sole purpose is to trick the search engine spiders to giving a website top search engine rankings. They are a simple HTML page using a few keywords and phrases. A user would never know when they hit one because they are redirected to the real site.
Now that you know what Black Hat SEO is  it really worth getting banned from search engines. Learn SEO rules and regulations to avoid these unethical spamming techniques. The best guide for SEO techniques can be found at w3seo.com they can explain it more in detail.
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Regards, Lonnie Niver
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