Theory of reasoned action and system

Sep 17th 2015 at 1:16 AM
Theory of reasoned action and system science theories are theories that take your family and your friends into account. The institutional environment, work and school influence your behavior. Social environment, such as economic, socio-economic status, the economy of the country you live in, political policies. These all influence how you might cognimaxx xl behave. Natural and built environment-- parks, fast food, so if I lived closer to a park, it turns out I might be more likely to use it to be physically active. And of course one of the big influencers on your behavior is your own behavior, habits. Past behavior is one of the biggest influencers of future behavior. I've done it before; I'm going to do it again. And then of course proximal behaviors like the fact that I ate a good breakfast this morning means that I'm feeling perky and here to give this talk to you. If I hadn't eaten a good breakfast I might be feeling a little bit less energetic. So past behavior has a big influence on future behavior, and this has been covered in many different, over 100 theories in social science.
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