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The Wealthy Build Networks All the Rest Work for Them...

Dec 29th 2010 at 8:58 PM

The Wealthy Build Networks All the Rest Work for Them...

It's an interesting quote and really one of the keys to wealth... building networks... It sounds silly and impossible... if you watched The Social Network you seen the beginning of the Largest Social "Network" on Earth... And the rest is history... is a HUGE Network so large that other very large Networks run off Amazon servers!

The economy is a Network... I work for a large software company and we have a Network with 350,000+ businesses transacting....

When Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad made this quote it really resonated with me... if you build a network and then provide value through Products and/or Services and then be attached to that Network so that you can share on the value creation of the revenue it generates on the sales of those products and services then you've got it!

Google probably the Largest Network generates revenue on providing search and content for every web surfer on the planet and makes something on every CLICK!!

Now what's this ALL mean... and more importantly what's this mean to you?


In order to build wealth and create residual income it's imperative to either build a network or attach to an established network and then build on top of that Network... Now in order to easily attach to a Network you need to become a business partner that then uses the product and/or services and/or then shares these products and/or services and then earns a referral commission or just a pure commission on sales generated...

NOW if you can then have sales that are generated automatically that you can earn on and also earn on sales made by others in your personal network on a consistent basis AND then EARN a piece of the Larger Network Revenue then you've done it!

The only variables are having a Network to attach to and then building your Network to generate and earn on ALL the Sales generated not only by YOU... BUT everyone you introduce to the Network AND the PERFECT combination is to EARN a PIECE on ALL Revenue in the Network you attached to!!

I just defined Network Marketing and The Health 2 Wealth Club along with Mandura our FIRST Chosen Revenue Company...

The LAST BIG Variable is FINDING NEW Partners and Customers which is the LYNCH PIN or the CRUX of the Problem in Creating Wealth...

Why people FAIL in Building their Wealth Network is that they CANNOT Find NEW Partners and/or Customers at all or they can't find enough to hit Break Even and PROFIT...

That's WHY The Health 2 Wealth Club was FOUNDED to BUILD a NETWORK that SOLVES ALL of the ISSUES and CHALLENGES of Building a Wealth or Revenue Network and FINDING NEW Partners and Customers which we COVER with our Co-op Marketing System for YOU...

We GIVE YOU the Opportunity to Attach to a HUGE Worldwide Multi-Million Network (Mandura) and then FIND YOU and GIVE to YOU Partners and Customers that you NOW will EARN on FOREVER!

Not only that Everyone we GET FOR YOU we will ALSO get them Partners and Customers and you ALSO EARN on THOSE AS WELL!!

Not to mention YOU also QUALIFY to EARN a Piece of the Global Team Bonus Pools!! It's WORKING PERFECTLY as we SPEAK... we have 30 Partners in 30 Days and We've just began... I have only 3 Personal Sign Ups out of the 30 I generated and have given HALF of the Entire Group a Personal Sign Up already some have even gotten 2!

Not too mention the ones that started with me have 20+ below them and in fact almost everyone has someone below them that they will EARN on FOREVER! We have close to $3,000 in Group Volume in just 1 month that EVERYONE Shares with the Straight-Line Forced Matrix and also our Members are now Qualifying for the 20 Team Pools where YOU can EARN a PIECE of the WORLDWIDE SALES of MANDURA!!

Also WE have over $1,000 in advertising dollars OUT or going Out and we also have a Call Center starting in January that will CALL HOT Leads and CLOSE them right into Mandura for Us and YOU!!

We also have HUGE Email Campaigns running and planned to RUN... The process is simple... OK so how do I attach? or LOCK IN to Earn a PIECE of ALL of this??

Well it's SIMPLE! All you do is Join Mandura with our NEXT CO-OP Team Member's Link, Order your Co-op Share or Shares and then WATCH your BUSINESS AND MONTHLY INCOME GROW!! That's IT!!

We also have a 90 DAY PROFIT Assurance Program that says if you are NOT in Profit in 90 Days then we PAY you the DIFFERENCE until YOU ARE!

Also you WILL EARNING COMMISSIONS your 1st MONTH so it's NOT like you just keep paying for 90 days and earn nothing... NO... you will be earning each of your first 3 months and then WHAM! By your 4th month if not sooner... (some members are in Profit their 2nd month!) then your Monthly Income just continues to GROW or GO UP every month and your only expense is your $110/mo. autoship! By your 6th month you should be EARNING $1,000+ a month after your $110 autoship that delivers to your door step Cutting-Edge Nutrition so you can MAXIMIZE your HEALTH while your are MAXIMIZING your WEALTH!!

It's the BEST of ALL WORLDS!! ALL with NO SELLING OR SPONSORING REQUIRED!! That's what The Health 2 Wealth Club OFFERS!!

To get Started simply visit our website:

So here's the Steps to Health and Wealth with the Health 2 Wealth Club:

All you do is Join Mandura pick out either 1 Bottle of their Mandura Beverage or 1 Bottle of their Clinically Proven Mandura Trim for $40/mo. OR 2 Bottles of either for $60/mo. OR 1 Case of either or a mix of 2 each for $110/mo. to QUALIFY to EARN Weekly and Monthly Commissions!

Then Order your Co-op Share or Shares. You can Get 2 Co-op Shares per Month they are $50 per share and for that you receive 1 Paid/Personal Sign Up in your Mandura business! That may not seem like a lot BUT we will also get them 1 or 2 Paid Sign ups depending whether they buy 1 or 2 Co-op shares and they will go into your Personal Group and you will get Paid on them and everyone else that joins after them!!

This is UNHEARD of in the Network Marketing Industry! We plan to CHANGE the GAME FOREVER!

You should reach break even by your 2nd month and then it's just up from there! Your Monthly Income will go up every month after that and in most cases DOUBLE every MONTH for AWHILE!! You can start small with just 1 Bottle for $40/mo. autoship (Qualifies you to Earn Commissions) and 1 Share of the Co-op for $50 and then watch it work and business grow... then start to Upgrade your 2nd month to MAXIMIZE your Monthly Check!

Also we have a 90 Day Profit Assurance Program that States: If you are NOT in Profit after 90 days and your 4th Month Commission Check doesn't cover your monthly autoship we PAY you the DIFFERENCE until YOU ARE!! The only Requirement is to get to $110/mo. (1 Case) autoship and Order 2 Co-op Shares ($100) for 3 months consecutively You DON'T have to do this RIGHT AWAY... you can once again start small and upgrade up as your business grows! Also you will be earning Commissions your 1st month and every month after that to offset your initial product and co-op purchase... then after your 3rd month your only requirement to continue to earn is your $110/mo. autoship... you DO NOT need to continue to BUY Co-op Shares... if fact we start to limit the Co-op to only New Members to make sure we are getting their Paid Members and this still BUILDS your business because we are getting Paid Sign Ups for members in YOUR GROUP or DOWNLINE!!

So after 3 months it's COST FREE if not We PAY you the DIFFERENCE until YOU ARE and your MONTHLY CHECK continues to GO UP Month after Month after Month!!

To get Started simply visit our website:

Any questions feel free to call or email me anytime!

Talk soon,


Robert Q. Matias MBA
CEO Health2WealthClub
Direct: 925-286-9181


Income Disclaimer
Please note that any references to income claims or examples of potential earnings listed anywhere in this website are for illustrative purposes only. Results will vary upon individual effort. We make no guarantees that you will earn any monies as your potential earnings are based upon the efforts of you and your upline team, in addition to members below you purchasing product. Health 2 Wealth Club Respects Your Privacy and Assures You That Your Contact Details will be used to provide you with the information you have requested only and will never be shared or sold.

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