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The Voluntary Slavery Maybe Harsh, However, Read This!

Sep 16th 2010 at 9:41 AM

 Preamble: This is an unabridged private message to an IM community member that I have respect for as with every existing and to be joining member of IM [All additions will be underlined.] Please, understand that my usage of me, and my doesn't in any measure include my involvement in as an owner, developer, nor in any manner an association with this entity. It's Only for focus points and adjustment aspect applications Only. Thank you.


I Choose this feature to Address my personal view in what I Understand about's TOS. has Simply used the TOS to become a Tyrant by Given permission of the its Sign-ups. Fine, I got your view that the TOS being a less important value marker in your eyes. Is that fair to state?

There's nothing personal. In any event, say that I [jlburnettjr; Personal by Choice Decision do the exact similar type of structural TOS] start-up anything similar to the Subject entity at hand, off-line or as an IM.

With the built-in 'Open-ended' TOS Parameters that gives and lets me at any point in my business to Just Uproot anyone's activity(-s) for a just or unjust reason [according to their TOS it won't matter; they can make it up as they (or I in this paradigm) go along] and reap the windfall of everything that remains. Is that a business practice that you or I'd appreciate being on the short-end of? Pop Quiz, is such a practice your cup of tea after a three days review?

Plus, the 'Kicker' here is within the presentation of the TOS, everyone that joins has given me their 'Mutual' allotment, allowance, permission, [put the word there that suits you]. Blog or no blog, the Primary Root or Way is still “Open-ended”. The Blog as I see it gives them a better media in which to address strictly only what they chose to address under the growth of an expected 'massive volume of audience need for information. Their in the Driver seat here and again, due the All Important usage and continued usage of their on-line service and site. Here it's in their own words: “By using the web site (“Service”), you agree to be BOUND by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”).  They're getting the right-of-way to Gloss over any Telltale indicator(-s) that may point to an original meaning or objective.

Their "meaning and objective Needs to be Expressed in Greater Clarity". Do they Actually and Really means "for any reason".

I Challenge anyone's agreement to their Acceptance of's Geneal Conditions: 1. 2. and > especially 9.< 10. 11. and asking for another to risk their involvement under and after a "Clarity of Thinking" mindset in hinder sight. Tyranny's definition includes the following of Webster's New World College Dictionary 4th Ed.: 4th meaning: harshness, rigor, severity 

What say you?



Of course, as with any social community, we may never agree on any one aspect completely. That, in my eyes doesn't mean that I have anything aversed against you. That issue may arise about a disagreement with the a subject, a component, et cetera. Glad to have this moment or two with you.

Please to comment
Sep 30th 2010 at 3:49 AM by TimRR
I remember a few years ago another one had opened with the same structure,, soon died
Sep 21st 2010 at 6:14 PM by onqglobal
May I add to your comment, and Not putting any words in your mouth... These words are Indeed, Mine! The Judgment Applied to anyone, and Especially to Me Primarily... Is when one Overlooks the Crucial Measure of our Birthright to the Due Perusal in all things without any Exterior and Inner FAUX [errant perceived] Pressure. To gain the Clarity necessary to make a Sober-minded [...this this usage having Nothing to do with intoxication of drugs nor spirits] Choice Decision! Exactly in the manner of signing and|or agreeing to a Legal binding contract or deed of transferral of ownership and control! There's No Different to the end results. Well, maybe in the degrees of Pure Devastation!
Sep 19th 2010 at 6:46 PM by catherinedwhite
All I can say is Wow. Analytical yet profoundly funny. Kudos for making a boring document seem comical. Of course, maybe the funny part is that any of us every agree to any tos.
Sep 17th 2010 at 6:32 AM by onqglobal
This Just May Sound Ridiculous in Reality; However that's what Riley's Believe It or Not!... is all about! Anyway, back @the Ranch and all across our Planet Let Every IMer's Cap or Two Be Rised! One In Each Hands! Why you May Be Asking? [Of course, the why part isn't addressed to you, schmity58] The Before that entry, along with This Recommendation, Personally with 'lil ol, me...: On a Periodical Basis your statement Should Be in the Shout It! Format As A Constant Reminder! "... sort of a Community Address Annoucement..." [What's your feedback on the suggestion?] Mr. Brad Schmidt, No Butter, just my personal manner in honoring the Truth from your lips, Period! An Honor and my humble pleasure to share some Keystrokes with you!
Sep 16th 2010 at 10:32 PM by schmity58
Yes i believe you should always read your terms of service and your polices and procedures and you should start with the last page and work forward all the worst crap is on the last page because they don't think your going to read that far.

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