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The Viral Qualities of a Good Leader

Jul 1st 2010 at 6:41 PM

The Viral Qualities of a Good Leader

The leaders in a group always stand out against the followers of
the group, especially in the business world.  They must possess
viral qualities and characteristics that set them apart from others. 
These qualities are learned and perfected over time, not something you just wake up
“being” one morning.

Whether in fact a person is born a leader or develops skills and
abilities to become a leader is open for debate. There are some
clear characteristics that are found in good leaders. These viral
qualities can be developed or may be naturally part of their
personality. Let us explore them further.

A good leader has an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance
that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader needs to be trusted
and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. A good
leader “walks the talk” and in doing so earns the right to have
responsibility for others. True authority is born from respect for
the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads with such
"viral qualities".
A leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as
well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. 

It’s not enough to have a vision; leaders must also share it and act
upon it.  The most impairative quality of a good leader is the ability
to communicate his or her vision in terms that cause followers to buy
into it. He or she must communicate clearly.

A good listener is most likely to become and excellent leader.
A good listener should try to feel part of his team rather than
superior, if you listen to others, they will definitely appreciate it.
Often you may find that your team have good ideas that you can
incorporate. Even if they have unworkable ideas, it is still worth
listening to their opinions, even if you don't use their ideas.
In other words; "hear all things and hold fast to that which is good"!

A good leader shows enthusiasm and passion about their work or cause in
their role as leader. As a leader, you must be passionate about your
goal and team members.  When you express an interest in what you’re
working on, the people around you start to become excited and put a
great effort into what they are doing.  If you want your team members
to put their heart into something, you must do the same.  Passion is
contagious, so love what you do and others will follow your footsteps.
passion is the most contagious of the viral qualities that a leader
can have.
These are some basic personal traits required to become a good leader.
Though some people may naturally possess these characteristics, others
can work to achieve them. All these characteristics can be developed
and strengthened to enhance the personality of a leader. Whether you
are natural leader or not, with constant efforts and diligence you can
surely acquire these qualities to take up the challenge of a leader.

For additional information on how to be a good leader visit: 



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Feb 2nd 2011 at 4:07 AM by LindaFausset
Good article, leadership aptitude and successful leadership style are two different animals.
Oct 17th 2010 at 8:31 PM by juniques
I have come to understand great leaders learn best as a great follower. Your article is very good. Most people want to give a person "leader" status when often the situation brings out "leadership qualities" that some did not know they possess. Thanks for opening the dialogue.
Sep 8th 2010 at 5:00 PM by successcalls56
Wow! Everything you wrote is so correct! I hope and aspire to be a good leader! Great article!
Jul 23rd 2010 at 7:51 PM by haroon132
Nice Article Michelle !!! It is pretty Awesome Piece of Writing I appreciate the hard work from you.

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