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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me (An Introduction)

Oct 21st 2010 at 12:50 AM

My name is Tarnell Brown. That probably means little to those of you reading this, but believe me, there is a lot associated with being, well, me. I was going to write a wonderful post about the opportunity that I am currently associated with, but that just didn't feel right. After all, you don't know me, and there's no reason that you should take my advice on anything.

See that handsome face there? That's me. How I got to be that pretty, I don't know. In any case, I am thirty five years old, hailing from Miami, FL. I now reside in beautiful Atlanta, GA. Currently, I am a student of economics at Liberty University Online, scheduled to receive my Bachelor's next year. I intend to pursue this line of study through the Doctoral level, then take over the world before the socialists destroy it (I don't really want to rule the world, I wouldn't have time for Sudoku).

At present. I am involved in a variety of things. I toil as a VP/Sr Account Manager at a commercial lease finance firm here in Atlanta, which sounds nice, but there is not a lot of money in it in this recessed economy. As a result, I don't work on originating a lot of leases, so I do other things for the firm. Currently, we are attempting to win a consulting contract for the construction of affordable housing with the government of Zambia, with the hope of gaining a foothold in the rest of the continent. I am also trying to help my boss move 500,000 bales of cotton. Don't ask. It's more exciting than it sounds. Sometimes, I do part-time security work. It actually is a great way to meet people (I met the banker possibly backing this deal that way!).

Mostly, though, I'm interested in helping people attain financial freedom. It's not because I'm a good guy, though I am that (self-congratulatory moment). A nation of self-sufficient people fits into my spiritual and political views (I'm a Christian Libertarian). It really is as simple as all that. This is one of the most trying times in the brief but storied history of our nation, and indeed, the world.

You see, the age of the suit-and-tie that works from nine to five and receives the guaranteed pension is slowly fading into legend. This is the age of the consultant, the independent contractor, the network marketer. Anytime a financial paradigm shift occurs, the field of economics changes. Oh, the principles remain the same, but their application does not. Until we figure out how the rules apply (my job), the uncertainty and fear remains.

Believe it or not, this is good for people like you and I. With the advent of the internet, the playing field has been somewhat leveled, and individuals are more able to take advantage of these opportunities than large, unwieldy conglomerates. We're just more nimble that way. Part of my mission is to teach others just how they can do this. Call it my contribution to the death of the evil that is Marxism (that evil philosophy dominates much of the world's thinking, believe you me).

This is not an easy task. I am, after all, just Tarnell. I was once a party animal, an alcoholic,and a chronic underachiever. I was angry that the world did not function as I knew it should. I won't tell you that some bright light of inspiration or epiphany suddenly shone upon me; I got older and wised up. Now, I work to help others achieve their goals; in so doing, I will achieve mine.

Well, that, in a nutshell is Tarnell Brown, the Lucky Libertarian (I really do need to trademark that). I hope you have gotten to know me better, and that we will be able to work together. The slick marketing articles and glorified ads that we have all come to know and love will follow shortly, mixed with what I hope and believe will be valuable insights on matters of finance, economics and the legal advantages of owning a business.

Till next time,





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Nov 3rd 2010 at 11:14 AM by flconversation
"The unbearable lightness of being me" - remembers me of a book from Milan Kundera, although the content actually is not present in my grey cells.... , a Lucky Libertarian - you can live it for yourself and I wish, that you never will be oppressed by those who cannot understand this and therefore use legal measurements by trying to 'kill' this lucky libertarian way of life. As the suit-and-tie from 9 to 5 becomes a legend, it seems to disappear a live and let live mentality. How wonderful when we are able to create a micro-world around us where there is lots of space for the Lucky Libertarian. Blessings Solare
Oct 22nd 2010 at 2:45 PM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing Tarnell and welcome, looking forward to see your articles and your contributions here on IMF. Blessings - philjansen.com
Oct 21st 2010 at 9:28 PM by rhondamorton
Thank you for your introduction Tarnell and welcome to IMfaceplate! I look forward to a chat sometime and perhaps working and learning along with you. Take care! :)
Oct 21st 2010 at 9:22 PM by bjfoot
Hello! Tarnell Brown, the Lucky Libertarian... I love it! You should trademark it. It's wonderful to hear who you are and what you stand for. I think we're very like minded. I hope there are millions very much like you, as our world needs more like you. Glad you grew up and got with it. Warmest Regards! Brenda

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