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The Two Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Maintenance

Oct 15th 2015 at 5:41 AM

You may hear all sorts of issues regarding how the usage of air conditioning is detrimental to the environment. This is an unfortunate issue which people seem to have placed their focus on, and since then, the lowly air conditioning unit has had something like a thorn in its side regarding its reputation. For a local expert in AC unit in Brisbane can provide you with a detailed guide on what is best to do once you experience certain issues with your unit.

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The fact is, developments in air conditioning technology bring any emissions harmful to the body and to the ozone layer down to a very low minimum, close to no trace at all! Air conditioning units have become significantly cleaner and more efficient, with innovations which enable users to fine-tune the temperature and the strength of the fans which allow air to circulate in a wider area.

Now, you may be one of those people whose households have some of these cleaner and cooler units installed, and you may already be reaping the benefits of today's advances in air conditioning; however, you need to understand that though they are more efficient and effective, they do need some servicing and maintenance every now and then. Here are two simple indications that you need to have a professional take a look at your air conditioning system. Most of the residents in Brisbane have a certain professional that they can rely on once they need to clean or fix their AC.


No matter how old or new your unit is, it will always have to have moving parts inside, and air being pushed through - there's a lot going on in there. If you hear a tapping or a constant noise that you haven't heard before, it may mean that something inside has been dislodged, or needs additional tightening. It helps to address these issues immediately as the noise could be louder, and the situation can become pear-shaped really quickly.

Heat & Humidity

Generally speaking, if you are noticing that the temperature around the house or in a particular area is not as cool as it used to be, then something's going on in the air conditioning unit. Or, if the air feels like it sticks to you and you feel uncomfortably cold, that's another indication. In this case, you can actually do some clearing and cleaning - today's air conditioning units enable the user to extract air filters manually to clean all accumulated dust and residue.

Air Conditioning units have gone a long way since their introduction so long ago.. but one thing hasn't changed: like any other machine, they do wear out over time and they need the usual maintenance. If you don't have the confidence to handle it on your own, establishments such as the Aircon Lab can definitely do a complete assessment and maintenance job for you.They are the best professional in Brisbane and they are the most sought after AC unit specialist within the area.

If you hear noise or feel hotter than usual in the house, then consider some maintenance.

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