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The Truth about Get-paid-today systems.

Mar 16th 2011 at 4:13 AM


If you have just lost your job, you’re the most likely culprit for these systems. Since you need money now, not in six, 12 or 24 months, you can easily be convinced to join anything that promises “money today”.

BUT, dear friend, beware. Those promises are lies.

How these systems work:

They work on the basis of new members paying their sponsors directly into their accounts, in other words money is transferred from one person to another, not going through the system. The person who transfers a payment also pays the processing fees involved. Once a payment is made, it cannot be claimed back.

Some of those systems charge a monthly fee for the use of the system, some don’t. Some require that 1 or 2 people be passed up to the up-line before you qualify to get paid, others don’t.

Most of them also promise spill-over and spill-under, which just is another ploy to convince you to join.

Why you won’t get paid today , if ever:

Truth is, unless you are a guru marketer with thousands of subscribers on your list, or have thousands to invest in advertising, or are one of the first people in this program, you won’t see any money for months, if ever.

Here is the problem with these systems: You can only earn once from every sale. So everyone has to keep on promoting to an ever widening base to make any or more sales, to maybe find an occasional new culprit. And as more and more people join this and start using the same promotion avenues, the chance to find new members diminishes proportionally.

But you don’t believe me – and can show me emails from people who claim to make thousands. Yes, I know. I fell for exactly one of those from a well-known marketer and that’s how I know.

They were in first, promoted heavily from start and got paid. So they can prove its working. And it’s exactly that proof which gives them the advantage above new-comers, gets them all the interested people and you none. So, as they earn more, they can promote more, putting you at an even greater disadvantage. They can’t stop promoting, because then their income will dry up.

And as to spill-over or spill-under – even though it’s technically possible in a forced matrix, don’t ever rely on this ploy.

My Conclusion:

The fact that the money being paid only comes from an ever widening base of new members places get-paid-today systems on the same level as gifting programs. All those programs are doomed to failure if members stop promoting to more and more people.

If you really need to get paid as soon as possible, without the stress of non-stop promoting, you need to read how my friend Mark made  3K in 7 days. No Ponzi here, just easy to follow advice.

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