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My name is Mike, AKA The Gallifreyen Medic. My main interests are gaming, SciFi, and the Boston Red Sox. And, as you can see from my avatar, I'm a serous Doctor Who fan as well.

I am seriously into gaming both on the PC and console.

More about me..... I love to salt water fish out at Point Judith, ride horses, and go camping. I am new to internet marketing so don't be a stranger to follow me.
Michael K. | GallifreyienMedic
Mcheal K. is back! Yes, mono kicked my but but I'm back! Come and see the Gallifreyien Medic's TARDIS! Full of text ad exchanges, safelists, and more.

The TARDS has now landed on the NET!

Nov 16th 2010 at 11:04 PM

Greetings my IM Faceplate friends!


First off, thanks Laura for a very nice message for my IM friends.  I guess you sumed it up at the end with whom I particularly care for here.

Now that I'm up and about again....still a terrible soar throat, and getting tons of sleep...(Mono will do that to you), I'm back in business.....Hopefully.

Frist off, all of you know what a geek I am especially  it comes to Doctor Who.  Go figure, right?  Well, my Tardis web page is finished....or as finished as it's going to get.

~TARDIS~  What does that exactly stand for. Well firstly, my last name is it's close...but in WHO land The Tardis is The Time Lords time machine and looks like this.....


It's much bigger on the inside.  Time Lord science sort of tech-no-babble so to speak. 
TARDIS in WHO land stands for

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

Well, I love the TARDIS and the design of the old police box and named my site TARDIS as well but changing the words.

TARDIS for me is:

Tarvis's Advanced Redirected Dimenstions In Safelists

Pretty cool I think.  Here's what my site is about.

I have tons of text ad exchanges and safelist mailers listed there that anyone can sign up and use.  I also have 5 main businesses that I promote full time which yu might want to check out.  The last page, the "about me" page is just stuff about me, who I am and stuff I like.  I uploaded a few of my own vids and a few funny ones from youtube that just make me laugh.  Tried to give it a kind of personal feeling since we are all human and all searching for some cool stuff to try to make some money.


That's pretty much it.....feel free to check it out.  It's totally free and why not leave a signature in the guestbook or even become a memeber.  That's totally free too.  I work very hard every day and just wanted to have me own space to have people go to and not feel pressured.  Plus, I would love to make some new friends on the network, and maybe o the personal side.

Here's the link


I hope you come and have a pleasant time there.  I would love to make some money, but really, that page is mostly for my personal advertising.


Thank you my IM Faceplate Friends and have a great Wednesday!


Mike....(Kurt)  The Gallifreyien Medic!


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Nov 19th 2010 at 11:33 AM by GallifreyienMedic
Hey Soroya: I figure that more than half the planet has no idea what the little blue police box is in th first place, never mind what TARDIS stands for. My daughter calls me a geek so I guess I am. The second level of the TARDIS is just about finished get ready!
Nov 18th 2010 at 11:38 PM by yhbecpublisher
I always wondered what TARDIS stood for, thank you for the explanation. Glad to hear you are feeling better too! Keep smiling my friend, Soroya

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