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1 year ago

The SUPER Tool You Want To Have!

Jun 17th 2011 at 2:56 PM

The SUPER Tool You Want To Have!


The best product/service to market is one that has so much value that you would want to benefit from it even if you were not receiving montary compensation.

When it comes to our online activites and efforts our browser is THE crucial connection between our computer and the web.  So a SUPER fast and very secure browser is a wonderful thing!

Combine an uber browser with a suite of additional handy resources and you have the Smart Media Desktop!


With the constant worry of whether or not a particular e-mail or picture or link could contain a virus or allow malware/spyware to infect your computer it is a great comfort to know that the Smart Media browser is designed to provide excellent protection.  If it were totally free forever to access then a lot of people would want it, right?!

Now imagine an opportunity where you could be compensated for helping the company grow ... essentially for giving something away for free!  Sounds wonderful doesn't it?  Well, it is all of that AND more!  REALLY.

Here is some of the more, what if you could send messages directly to someone's desktop without having to use e-mail?  What if YOUR primary program could be constantly branded in front of an ever growing group of people with whom you shared a common interest?  What if you got paid on your internet usage ... AND the usage of those whom you had invited to use this brilliant product?!

NOW are you excited?  Finally, a program that is the perfect compliment to anything else you are doing.  You would use this product even if you were not being paid to use it, so the fact that you CAN be paid is "icing on the cake"!

I am using the Smart Media browser to share this very message with you.

Get your Smart Media Desktop by clicking any of the graphics or copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar (it may be one of the last things you ever need to do on the browser you are using to read this right now!):


When you go to the website you will have the option to get:


Free Lifetime Membership Benefits

Click THAT button to be able to access and use the SmartMediaDesktop!  You should actually scroll down the page just slightly and simply click on the download button that looks like this:


Yes, it will be VERY tempting to immediately click on the button that says:

Get Paid To Give It Away

But even if you are absolutely sure that you want to be an affiliate as soon as possible, I recommend downloading the Smart Media Desktop first and then we can get you situated as an affiliate.

SmartMediaDesktop Download

My contact information is on the website, so call me and let me share some more insights with you ... it just gets better!





Your Free Smart Media Desktop/Browser Lifetime Membership Includes:


  • Web Browser
    • Faster, Safer, more Secure
    • New Visual Bookmark Technology
    • The only web browser in the world that pays!
  • Online Entertainment Centre
    • Movies, Videos, Video Games
  • Ultimate Online Shopping Tool
  • Online Education Centre
    • Thousands of Videos
    • Exclusive Facebook Training
  • Best Computer Software




Download Free! 100% safe.


P.S.  For a limited time you can become a Super affiliate and receive promotional rights for the soon to be released version of the Smart Media Desktop and Browser for mobile smart devices.  Just imagine having the opportunity to have your business on an ever growing number of smart phones and tablet devices!  You will want to do this sooner or later, so why not do it NOW while it can be all part of the same package!





P.P.S.  Position yourself now and be among the first to also benefit when the HomePagePays is released to the general public in the very near future.  Company affiliates are already utilizing this browser extension application as it finishes the final phases of beta testing.  Designed for mass appeal, you want to be able to share it with everyone you know.














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