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The Stacked Income Principle

Dec 1st 2010 at 7:37 AM

The principle of a stacked income can be used in about any business, both off-line and on-line.

One point is to not put all your money on one horse.

An other point is to increase your possibilities to increase your income.

The ideal situation would be to earn money from subscription services that put money in your bank account each month; a residual income.

In the next paragraph I will give some examples and a business opportunity that has all of the above.

What is a stacked income?

"Would you like fries with that?"

We've all heard those words before, haven't we?

You've placed your order and you're waiting for the total.

"Would you like fries with that?"

Over the years those six little words have generated billions of dollars in sales (and profits) for the owners of McDonald's restaurants all over the world.

You're buying a new refrigerator and the salesman is filling out the paperwork.

"Would you like the extended warranty?"

Those are just two everyday examples of Stacked Income in the offline world.

You can also apply this in an online business!

The key is to choose a primary business first (if you do not own yourself). Choose a business where you can relate to and have a passion about. This is important because you will need to invest quit a bit of time and effort in it before you can expect some substantial earnings. When your are passionate about something it will be easier to keep going "no matter what". And also the writing of promotional stuff to promote it will be much easier.

You can use this principle in a niche business: say your main business is the selling of heating systems and boilers for homes. You could ad a related shop that is selling bathrooms, you could ad ads for energy suppliers. As for the stacked income that gives residual income you could offer a maintenance subscription for the heating systems and boilers you sell.

My passion is advertising and promotion services (general and targeted for traffic exchanges) and products that are internet related; I am an internet junky. I also love writing, creating graphics and social networking. So I combined these all. For my main business I choose Surf-Bar-Traffic a manual traffic exchange. I made this site the core business because users of traffic exchanges are internet marketers for the larger part that need several internet related services to build and brand their business such as a social business network, list builders, marketing packs, advertising co-ops, conference rooms, e-mail marketing and of course graphics, web templates and Traffic exchange related tools and services . Every business needs these services.

By funneling my traffic to my Traffic Exchange, my favorite net work APSense and a few selected top partners that are also promoting my services, I am getting results much faster than promoting each an every program and TE I ever signed up for.

On every profile and as e email signature I list my APSense Business Center.
Note: every APSense member can set up a business center for free. You can read about it in this article.

By keeping my ABC updated I can easily attach other services that are of interest for internet marketeers and online business like domain and hosting, other forms of advertising, web graphics, blogging services....The list is endless.

Where should you start?

I have written it in several postings. Online marketing is a people business. You need to build an online presence. Connect with people and try to establish yourself as a trustworthy person that knows where he/she is talking about. If you can achieve that, the rest, making money, will follow. Like in a brick business you need a business plan and some structure or you will be running around like a chicken without a head.


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