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8 days ago

The Secrets To Making Classified Ads Pay Big Time!

Jul 13th 2012 at 9:10 PM

The  Secret  To Making  Classfied Ads  Pay!

Are You Posting Lots of Classified Ads? Not Getting The Signups You Want?
There are lots of Classified Ad spots on line to post your ads, but not all of them produce results. So you have to do a little research to find out which Classifieds are visited by search engines and will fit your target audience. For example, submits their ads to seach engines for a modest price.  This will give your more traffic.


Here's a good place to stay updated with the top classified ad sites: It also has some very good articles on how to maximize your profits using classified ads.  When writing your ads, you want to be sure you are advertising in the right location, category and subcategory, otherwise you'll minimize results. If you advertise to Brazil rather than U.S. your response will be limited in comparison. Go broad but in the scope of your best market i.e. USA, Canada, U.K. Australia, New Zealand have great markets online.  In addition, keep your wording short and concise. Remember "WIFM"  What's in it for me, is very important in your ability to stand out in the crowd. If you are promoting a business opportunity, a free giveaway or PIF'ing, a teambuild, or anything special may do just that. Don't just do it well, Do it Better!

Ad  Posting  Tips:

In posting classified ads, doing them manually is always best so that you can choose various options available to you to make them stand out.

AD RENEWAL: The first thing you want to do is have your ad position renewed or re-positioned at the top periodically or you'll be pushed down to the bottom of the listings where you won't get maximum exposure.

BOLD and COLOR are always good as they make you stand out even more so. It may be a little more expense but it's well worth the small investment.

FEATURE ADS are the best way to go if you can afford it. You ad is placed in a prime location, sometimes on the top of the page, on the sides or anywhere aside from the regular classified listings. As an incentive, There are some classifeds that will post your ads on social networks too.  Most people look at those first as they feel those ads have the most potential because the advertiser invested more money in it.

Pictures/Videos:  Pictures and Videos can really do a lot for you in getting the attention of your prospects. Most classified ad sites give that option and some may charge you for it.  If you use pictures, use one's that are eye catching and convey your product most favorably. A video is even better as it functions as your silent sales person right there on the page. There's no substitute for a good video.

Write  Good  Ad Copy

All in all, spend a lot of time on the creation of your Ads first and TEST them. It is good to use the free posting options to test your ad copy first! Be sure to use a tracker to see which ads are pulling. You can always go in and edit your ads so don't just post and leave them there for 30 days.  Let your tracker show you where you are getting results and then once you have identified the best pulling ads, go back and change the others to the same. You may have to do quite a bit of tweaking ad copy before you see the kind of results you want.  Remember, many companies spend a lot of money on copywriters as the ad words determine the difference between a $100 ad and a $million dollar ad. Here's a good source on writing ad copy. "Make Your Words Sell"!.pdf

Ad   Budget

Set up a budget that you can afford and decide where you want to spend it. You may not be able to buy the various features in all your listings but pick the most strategic places to spend. Once you start getting results you can increase your budget to include more places. Allocating a Budget just for Classified Ads is WISDOM and will make you feel better once you see the results! A budget of $50 a month for Classifieds is a reasonable amount to get started. Remember, establish your ad copy before you spend your money! Don't just put anything up there and not get the results. The you wll have wasted your money. Be sure to TEST your ads first to establish the best ad copy for your campaign. Then once identified, spend the money.

Good Marketing Guys!

©2012 by Carolyn North. Article written by Carolyn North, Team Leader, Team Power


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Looks great! I love" how "messy" it is... great style! I love that your projects are always so unpredictable!

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