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The Secret Key

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:43 PM

The secret F3 key, F2 and F8 too!

I am frequently asked about surfing the hit exchanges, how to increase productivity and maximize earnings.

I realize I already shared on this topic recently, but new people join us every day, and it is common on support.

Tab browsing is the norm today with all the popular Internet browsers, and I can’t imagine working online today, doing anything, without a tab browser.

Yes, all the latest browsers, from IE to Mozilla, including Google Chrome, offer tabs. The function allows for opening multiple sites in one browser, each in a separate tab. It’s less resources hungry and it is convenient.

And contrary some beliefs, tab browsing wasn’t created for hit exchanges. In fact, most of the Internet world has never heard of a hit exchange, which means our potential, upside, continues strong.

Today, I surfed some of the top ranked hit exchanges, as I do every day, yes, every day. Most important to me, unusual and unique, is that I do exactly what I teach others to do. And the secret to my success, to your success is found in the daily routine.

My daily routine includes surfing the current top ranked hit exchanges. My typical focus follows the overall rankings, greater focus to those ranked higher, but I also give attention to other rankings/stats, such as results, unique, new visitor, etc, all found in the full Hit Exchange Report, available to Hoopla! Pro members.

Each week, on Tuesday, after the current Hit Exchange Report, I create/updated groups on my favorite browser, (free). I like it best on account of the ease in creating groups, pull all sites within a group up at one time, and the F3 and F2 function key for moving amongst tabs.

I am not sure why the other popular browsers don’t include these shortcuts, most tab browsers offer no real or convenient shortcut, but Maxthon does, the secret F3 key.

By the way, using Maxthon, F3 key moves forward and F2 backwards.

No special downloads, no special programs, no special setup, right out of the box, F3 and F2 key works on Maxthon, and makes surfing the hit exchanges in groups productive and convenient too.

Now here is something for all those Mozilla Firefox people, and yes, I use all top browsers, for one thing or another.

Tab Mix Plus is an extension/add-on, and the F8 key rotates tabs every set amount of time. If you have Tab Mix Plus, go to Tools and then Tab Mix Plus Options, and under events you’ll find this setting. If not, go to tools, then Addons, and search for it.

So if you open 5 or more of the best hit exchanges, bookmark as a group, login and start a surf session, use the F8 to start the rotation, then click the appropriate credit earning link for each as the tab rotates.

What is the point of all this? First, this is an advertising business, we all are here to advertise our biz, all successful businesses advertise, daily, and using these ideas/methods will increase both productivity and earnings.

One last suggestion, a topic for another day, if looking to increasing earning potential, an increase credit ratio, consider upgrading in the top ranked hit exchanges, and the best place to start is the current #1.

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