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1 year ago

The Push Button Business Lie.

Oct 9th 2011 at 4:27 PM

The idea that you can run a business and make money on the internet just by pushing buttons is, at the very least misleading. Nothing takes the place of personal contact with your customers. Auto responders are tools to be used and are effective in keeping you business in front of clients, but they don't establish relationships.

When I was working as a television media salesperson I had a client, an antennae installation and television servicing company, who one day cancelled all advertising. His explanation to me was that it wasn't necessary and, in fact he couldn't see that he was getting any results from the money he was spending. There was no point in trying to change his mind because it was closed. He wasn't listening and he was convinced that he was right. I kept right on calling in to see him for a while until one day he wasn't available to me any more, I had been handed down to another member of his staff. I felt that as long as I kept dropping in to say hello and ask them for an order, sooner or later I would get one.

It took 4 months. I was just sitting down to my desk on a Monday morning to plan out my day when I received a call from that same company's CEO, he wondered if I had time would I call in and see him. When I arrived at his office, his secretary ushered in to the inner sanctum and then brought us coffee. The CEO - let's call him John, chatted with me about the football, the family, my recent promotion ( I had been elevated to Operation manager by this time), until finally he got to the point. John had been convinced he was right, and it looked for a while as though he was.

New customers kept phoning and business was looking good. Best of all, he didn't have that constant bill to pay for advertising.

That was for about 3 months and then the phones went quiet - just a temporary lull he was sure, until one day he got a call asking about the special deal he was advertising. The customer was insistent that he had seen the commercial just a day or so ago.

The fact that the company had done no TV advertising for 4 months wasn't a part of this customers thinking, he remembered the ad and wanted the deal. He got it, and I took a brand new advertising contract back to the office.

I think that if that customer had only seen that ad once or even twice he wouldn't have remembered it. In fact it take 7 viewings of a commercial before the human brain remembers it, and then once committed to memory it can remain there long past the date it was last seen.

So if you depend on advertising your product to get leads, I'm sure you know that you need to do so constantly to get any response. Most marketers use an auto responder to keep their product in front of potential clients, and wait for these potentials to fill out an order and send you some money. It happens but it is a slow and not very rewarding process.

Nothing replaces actually speaking to your prospective customer.

Whatever your lead source - e.g. advertising, lead funnel or perhaps you purchased the leads - one thing they should all have in common is a telephone number.

Why phone? Because this is the only way you can establish a personal relationship with your potential client who may have a couple of questions that need to be answered before they can make a final decision.

These are real people you want to do business with, not just an email address. Surely they are worth the investment of a little personal time. You can download Skype, buy yourself a headset and you can speak to any where in the world.

If you need help knowing what to say, if you need to learn correct telephone technique then, there are a great many books published to teach you how, or if you have joined one of the thousands of MLM or internet marketing companies then you have a sponsor who can coach you.

If you can't get help there then contact me, I'll be only to pleased to help.

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Oct 29th 2016 at 3:18 AM by ramyasree
great to come to your site as the information shared is good and is explained in simple words. Post is explained clearly so that we are able to understand it clearly.
Jan 24th 2012 at 1:29 PM by LonnieG
Your article is a great example of the "give and take" of information that usually needs to happen before any business is conducted. The old cliche that if you "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door" is simply not true if nobody knows of the value of what you are offering. Since many of the people now turning to MLM and/or internet marketing companies for sources of income have no formal sales training, you are providing sage advise for them to seek out a good coach/mentor to teach them this aspect of dynamic communication. Thanks, George! ~LonnieG

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