The Psychology Of A Sign Up

Jul 20th 2010 at 4:36 PM

What makes people elect to sign up for your offer or mailing list?

What Makes People Open Your Email?

And ultimately what makes people buy from you?

If you can attempt to take the time to understand what makes people take action, you are taking a significant step to succeeding as an online entrepeneur.

All the rushing around and advertising an offer is a waste of time unless you know what you're aiming at and where to hit it - regardless of the advertising medium.

Let's get one thing straight- people don't want to buy from you.

Why would they?

Who are you to them - a faceless name promoting another product on the Internet you and the products are a dime a dozen, unless...

Unless you take the time to build a relationship with them.

Let's analyse why people would want to opt in to a mailing list or program that you may be offering.

Now let's make a clear distinction here - when I said program- I mean program that you own - not want to promote.  You should only promote programs on the back end of your sales process when you have brought people into your sales funnel.

Its simple really - people opt in because you are offering something that they want.

But how do you find out what they want?

There are whole courses and eBooks dedicated to this subject, but in reality you need to study your target market.  Some Google keyword research using their free keyword tool can unearth some interesting results, but if you're specifically looking to target the Internet Marketing niche, it will pay you to join some forums and look for common problems thatpeople are looking for answers to. 

You can then formulate an offer of a free book or course and target what people want.  You can pick up giveaway rights to hundreds of quality eBooks either for free or alternatively for the price of a cup of coffee.  Just Google giveaway rights or resale rights and you'll find dozens of cool sites offering you rights to products.

Of course your offer may need to be tweaked to achieve maximum impact, but if you've done your research properly you can be assured that people will opt in to your mailing list.

Big Deal - it means diddly squat, unless you can convince people to repeatedly open your emails.

How do you do this - by overdelivering with extra downloads, reports, helpful hints and generally making people look forward to receiving your emails.  You have to over deliver and stand out from the hundreds of others who are flodding your prospects inbox with in most cases a heap of junk recommendations.

Get this right and you have a loyal subscriber.

And loyal subscribers will buy from you, provided your recommendations are sincer and genuine.

ANd if your recommendations are sincere and genuine, your subscribers will buy from you again.


Because they trust you.

Internet Marketing Is About People.

Understand this and stamp yourself as somebody to be trusted.






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Jul 20th 2010 at 6:39 PM by Rammesh
Clear cut points Mark!Now days people just scared to sign up coz the next moment after sign up their email box bombarded with hundreds of mails. Thank you for your info Mark.

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