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The Power of Veretekk - Automated Marketing System

Oct 29th 2010 at 12:55 AM

Veretekk Overview

Veretekk uses hundreds of web sites throughout the Internet that offer free services in exchange for the visitor's contact information. These web sites or "Traffic Portals", as they are referred to, are linked directly to each subscriber's Veretekk system.

With Veretekk, your distributors will receive the following:

  1. A large selection of lead generation websites available from over 500 unique domain and subdomain addresses, giving you them the ability to create highly targeted leads, utilizing such Internet technologies such as search engines, direct email and submission services to a greater advantage than found anywhere else. Each lead generation web site offers something of value for free in exchange for a name, phone number, mailing address, and email address. They MUST give a valid email address in order to get their free offer ... it's 100% cheat proof!
  2. A follow-up system that automatically emails proven sales letters designed to pull-in orders immediately! Subscribers can't avoid establishing contacts, since the follow-up is done for them.
  3. An email tracking system that measures how many people respond to ads via email, so subscribers know what advertising works best. This tool maximizes ROI (return on investment).
  4. A lead processing system that categorizes, stores and sorts leads for subscribers - to maximize sales.
  5. The ability for each subscriber to place their best banner ads where they will be exposed to thousands of people per day regarding valuable free services within their portfolio of web sites.

In other words, your distributors will have a complete turn-key marketing system that is fully automated, saving them all the frustration normally associated with online marketing. All they have to do is advertise their web sites to the constantly increasing flow of leads! That's all there is to it. The system does virtually everything for them - marketing and promotions, tracking, statistics - allowing them to build a massive sphere of influence!

The following is a partial list of some of the free services that subscribers are able to offer through Veretekk in order to accumulate leads:

Veretekk Leads

While there are an enormous number of ways to generate leads through the Veretekk system, they can generally be classified as one of the following types:

  1. Raw Leads. These are leads that have posted to our FFA farm by submitting their name and email address. These are distributed to all members of Veretekk for verification. After the lead is verified it is placed in the subscriber's verified lead database for their use. Each subscriber receives approximately 700 to 1500 of these leads per day.
  2. Premium Leads. These are full contact leads. Name, address, phone, fax, and email address. These are created through marketing portals (20 of them) within the Veretekk system. These portals offer free services in exchange for contact information. They are placed in each subscriber's lead database after verification. The average number of Premium Leads generated by our subscriners is around 25/day. The more aggressive Veretekk user produces 150 to 200 per day.
  3. Marketing Center Leads. Each subscriber's Marketing Center is where information regarding their business opportunity can be found. Here prospects can view the subscriner's web page, view flash presentations (if you have one), and fill out an online application to sign-up. These are high end leads indicating direct interest in becoming a new distributor.
  4. Uploadable email addresses can now be entered by hand, via web page, or entered as large databases which can be automatically uploaded by subscribers into the Veremail system. After uploading, the Veremail automatically contacts the leads using an ethical, allowable process to determine if the recipient wants to be on the list by simply clicking the verification link or responding to the email.

Note: Distributors may transfer leads to other subscribers within our system. This is a great feature for recruiting new distributors and giving them leads to start their business.

Veretekk Produces Verified, Verifiable Leads
This means that all records from each person who fills out a form on a lead generating web site (in order to acquire a free service) or who sends email to the subscriber, is kept on file, time stamped with the IP address, and is recorded. The entire record is searchable from the Inetekk main site. They are then sent a verification letter to confirm their request. All email solicitations have a removal request link. There are absolutely no legitimate SPAM complaints that can be filed against any Veretekk system or subscriber. Veretekk is endorsed by MAPs.

Automated Follow-Up Tools
After lead generation, Veretekk offers each subscriber several sophisticated tools to aid in the follow-up process. These tools include:

  1. 7 autoresponders that market the subscriber's services or lead generation portals
  2. A semi-autoresponder to email all prospects on a weekly basis (aka - "Bully Pulpit")
  3. Post Office containing downloadable PDF letters personalized to each lead with the subscriber's contact information in full color to follow up with via regular mail
  4. Sequential mailer that can be turned on and off as needed to market the subscriber's services
  5. Veremail - available as an additional system at a reduced rate for Veretekk subscribers. Lead databases can be uploaded and verified using this system. When a list is uploaded, a verification letter is chosen from our pre-made templates for the receiver to opt-in. This is time stamped with the IP address to eliminate all SPAM complaints. After verification the list is what we call "clean" and can be used by the subscriber to promote their business opportunity to. The subscriber also receives 7 auto-responders and a bi-weekly emailer system. They have the ability to upload 10,000 email addresses per day for verification.

Professional Sales Letters
Much of the success of the Veretekk system is based on the quality of the "sales copy" found in the email letters that are sent out. However, most people who have tried to make money online have failed to see any profits. Why? Simply because most people don't have a clue as to how to go about it. Some people hire a web design company to make their websites. The fact is, most web design people only know how to design websites, not write killer sales letters.

It's the "copy" that produces results, signups, enquiries and subscriptions. Not a pretty website. While it's important to have a professional "look", the look of a website is only a small part of the equation to making sales. We have meticulously tested and revised each marketing letter to produce the highest response rate. We have offers that produce as much as a 40% response rate.

We offer online training and phone assistance 6 days per week. We train on how to use the system, how to contact leads and build relationships, how to write marketing letters, plus how to properly market on the Internet. Our support staff is very courteous and patient. They will answer any question and work with the member until they feel comfortable he/she has acquired the skill needed to perform the requested task.

How much does Veretekk cost?
How much would you expect to pay for a system that is, without question, ten times better (and much simpler) than anything else on the Net?

Veretekk Gold is publically available for only $54.95 per month per subscriber without a set-up fee. Veretekk Silver is free for life.

Join for FREE as a Silver Member and push the button for 30-day FREE trial for Gold Membership - you will feel The Power of Veretekk System.

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